Is Your Child Exaggerated?

Is Your Child Exaggerated?

All small children are active, and they have a lot of energy.

The challenge is to recognize the difference between general behavior problems and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

ADHD-Problem in Child
ADHD-Problem in Child

Children should be active on a daily basis; Getting a lot of exercise is good for their physical and mental health and it’s fun. Some children suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which was known as ‘hyperactivity’.

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Many children whose problems with behavior and difficulty in concentrating, are not more active, or they may suffer from a lightly active activity. The challenge for parents and health professionals is to identify the difference between general behavior problems and ADHD symptoms, which require initial treatment. If your child is unwell or difficult, then regular help is available.

Coping Tips Below Are Some Tips For Coping With A Very Active Child –  

• Keep in daily routine if your child is unhealthy or difficult, then regular help may be available to help you stay calm and deal with stress.

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  • Dedicated time for your child because your child is demanding your attention for most days (and sometimes even night), you will not often have to tell them it will be easy and it will be easy for your child if every The day is a time when you pay attention to them.

• Avoid difficult situations. For example, shopping trips should be short, try to make a list before you go. Try going out every day to a park, playground or other safe, open place where your child can run around and use energy. 

• Avoid giving cola drinks, tea and coffee to your child. All of them have caffeine, which can make children very active, sugar can have a similar effect. 

• Set small goals to help your child sit or control still. Encourage them to focus for a very short time, then slowly build up. Remember, you can not change your child’s behavior overnight.

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