How to Reduce Your Cholesterol?

How to Reduce Your Cholesterol?

By exercising a healthy diet and regular exercise, you may find it helpful to reduce cholesterol levels in your blood. It is important to keep cholesterol in check. Adopting healthy habits like a healthy balanced diet and eating habits will also help prevent your cholesterol level from being high in the first place.

How to Reduce Your Cholesterol
How to Reduce Your Cholesterol

 It is important to keep cholesterol in check because high cholesterol levels increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. If you are worried about your cholesterol, talk to your doctor.

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Cholesterol foods Some foods contain cholesterol; This type of cholesterol is called ‘dietary cholesterol’. Foods such as kidneys, eggs and shrimp are higher in dietary cholesterol than other diets. Cholesterol, which is found in food, has a very low impact on the level of cholesterol in your blood by eating the amount of saturated fat in your blood.

Healthy Eating Formula
Healthy Eating Formula

 Having a healthy diet and regular exercise can help reduce your cholesterol.If your doctor has advised you to change your diet to reduce cholesterol levels in your blood, then the most important thing is to cut on saturated fats to increase your intake of fruits, vegetables and fiber. Is a good ideaFat and cholesterol There are two main types of fat saturated and unsaturated. Eating high-quality food in saturated fats can increase blood cholesterol levels.

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High Substances Containing Saturated Fats Include:

  • meat pies Meat sausage and fatty cuts

  •  Butter

  • fat • cream

  • Strict cheese

  • Cake and biscuits

  • Foods containing coconut or palm oil

  • Eating foods contain unsaturated fats instead of saturated fats, which can actually help reduce cholesterol levels.

  • Try to replace saturated fats with unsaturated fat substances, such as:

  • oily fish (for example, mackerel and salmon)

  • nuts (for example, almonds and cashews)

  • seeds (for example, sunflower and pumpkin)

  • vegetable oils and spreads (for example, sunflower, olive, corn, walnut and rapeseed oils)

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Trans fat can also increase cholesterol levels. Trans fat can be found naturally at some low level in certain foods, such as from animals including meat and dairy products. Artificial trans fat can be found in hydrogenated fats, so some processed foods such as biscuits and cakes contain trans fats. As part of a healthy diet, try to cut down on trans fat or saturated fat foods, and replace them with unsaturated fat foods. You should also reduce the total amount of fat in your diet, instead of roasting or frying, try microwving, steaming, patching, boiling or grilling. Select the lean cut of the meat and go for low-fat varieties of dairy products (or eat a small quantity of fully fat varieties).

Fiber And Cholesterol –

There are two different types of fiber: soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. Most foods contain a mixture of both Soluble fiber can be digested by your body (not insoluble fiber), and it can help reduce the amount of cholesterol in your blood.

Healthy Fruits-Reduce Colesterol
Healthy Fruits-Reduce Colesterol

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Good sources of soluble fibre include:

  • oats

  • beans

  • peas

  • lentils

  • chickpeas

  • fruit and vegetables

Try to include more of these foods in your diet. Aim to eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables each day.

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Cholesterol-Less Products –

There is evidence that plants containing certain extra material such as sterols and stanols can reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. Sterol and stanol can be found in specially developed products, such as some spills and yoghurt. These foods are the objectives of those who need to reduce cholesterol levels. Those who do not have high cholesterol, these products should not be eaten regularly. If your doctor tells you that you have high cholesterol, you can reduce it by changing your diet without eating special products.

If you eat foods that are designed to reduce cholesterol, then carefully read the label to avoid too much food.

Yoghurt-Reduce Cholesterol
Yoghurt-Reduce Cholesterol

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Be Active –

An active lifestyle can help reduce cholesterol levels. From activity walking and cycling, more powerful exercises such as running and dancing can beEvery week, a 150-minute medium-intensity aerobic activity can improve your cholesterol level.

Exercise Daily-Reduce Cholesterol
Exercise Daily-Reduce Cholesterol

Medium-intensity aerobic activity means that you are working hard to increase your heart rate and break sweat. One way to know if you are working on a moderate intensity, if you can still talk but you can not sing a song to the words.

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