How to Improve Your Mental Health?

How to Improve Your Mental Health?


Mental health disorder describes a wide range of disorders such as depression, anxiety, stress, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Each disorder varies in its intensity.

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Individuals and families related to the effects of mental illness can be serious, and its impact is reaching far away for the entire society. If you are worried about your mental health or a family member, then the first stop should be your doctor, where you can find out which medicines and treatments are available.

Mental Health Day Rally
Mental Health Day Rally

Do not worry about going to your doctor because they can help both with their mental and physical health. They will also guide you for the most appropriate treatment.

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Just Diagnosed

 Your mental health is important Some mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety, are common if you have such a condition, then it is important to get the right treatment. In Australia, mental health related services are provided in a variety of ways, including the following:

Mental Hospital
Mental Hospital
  • Hospital recruitment and other housing care • Hospital based outpatient services and community mental health care services • Consultation with doctors and experts More serious mental health problems, such as manic depression and schizophrenia, require specialist care. Your doctor sends you a specialist called ‘psychiatrist’ who will be able to take care of these serious health problems.

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If you and your doctor agree that you will benefit from the medicine, there are many options that can help in situations like anxiety, depression, insomnia, mania and other mental health problems.

Living With – 

There is evidence that good mental health is important for our physical health, and it can help us to achieve our goals.Many factors affect our well-being; Evidence shows that the actions we have done and the way we think it is the biggest effect. To improve our mental health, we can take all five steps: 1. Stay active: Enjoy an activity that you enjoy.2. Keep learning: For example a new skill3. Give to others: Your mental health can improve in the acts of kindness4. Note: Being ‘aware’ of the present moment5. Stay connected: Try to develop relationships with family and friends and peers.

Live With for Mental Health
Live With for Mental Health

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The objective of the Personal Assistance and Counselor (PHAM) service is to increase recovery opportunities for those whose lives are severely affected by their experience of mental illness.

Facts & Figures –

  • Severe mental health problems are more common than you think. There is a serious mental health condition between 1 to 2 people in 100 such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

• Approximately 7.3 million or 45% of the age group of 16 to 85 years will experience Australian mental health condition such as depression, anxiety or substance use disorders (according to the 2007 National Survey of Mental Health and Wellness) in their lives.

• Mental health problems are equally common among men and women, but the types of problems are different, women are affected more than twice as much as being affected by depression, while men are consumed with substance abuse (80% dependent on alcohol). Male) suffer more than Men too are more towards suicide.

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