What is Addiction? Know What is Reality?

What is Addiction?  Know What is Reality?

Addiction is defined that by doing this, there is no control over taking or using, at this point where it can be harmful to you, this article describes the types and causes of addiction and what treatment is available.

What is Addiction
What is Addiction

Can be addicted to unemployment and poverty

Addiction is linked to most gambling, drugs, alcohol and nicotine, but some are likely to be addicted, such as:

Work – What is Addiction

Workhorilics are suffering from their work to the extent they face physical exhaustion. If your relationship, family and social life is suffering and you never take a vacation, then you can become addicted to work.


As computer usage has increased, so is the computer addiction. People can surf or play on the internet every day and night while neglecting other aspects of their lives.


‘Volatile substance abuse’ occurs when you breathe foods such as sugarcane, aerosol, paint or lighter fuel, to give you a sense of addiction. Solvent misuse can be fatal.


Shopping becomes an addiction when you buy things you do not need or want to get some discussion. It is quickly followed by feelings of guilt, shame or disappointment.

The person who is accustomed to the person, how they control it, can not control it, and they can depend on it to achieve through daily life.

Addiction can be a way to block difficult issues.

Why is addiction started?

There are many reasons for the addiction to start. In the case of drugs, alcohol and nicotine, these substances feel like you, both are physically and mentally affected. These emotions can be pleasant and again can create a powerful desire to use the substances. After a win as a result of gambling, there can be a similar mental ‘high’, after the intense desire to try again and recreate that spirit. It can develop into a habit that becomes very difficult to stop.

Being accustomed to someone means that it does not cause the symptoms of coming back or ‘coming down’. Because it can be unpleasant, it is easy to do or carry on what you want, and so the cycle continues. Often, an addiction gets out of control because you need to satisfy maximum craving and get ‘high’.

The stress of managing an addiction can seriously harm a person’s work and relationships. In the case of substance abuse (for example, medicines and alcohol), an addictive may have serious psychological and physical effects.

Some studies show that the addiction is genetic, but the factors of the environment, such as being brought by someone with addiction, are also considered to increase the risk. An addiction can be a way to block difficult issues. Unemployment and poverty, addiction, stress and emotional or professional pressures can trigger along with.

Information and support

Anything which is intoxication, you can get advice in many ways, including looking at your doctor for advice.