Start to Talk About Your Illness and Death

Start to Talk About Your Illness and Death

Talking about your illness or the fact that you die can be very difficult, but talking to your loved ones can help them to create feelings of isolation.

Start To Talk about Your Illness and Death
Start To Talk about Your Illness and Death

Can Talk About your illness and Death.

Living with a terminal diagnosis can make you feel different and alone, even if life is happening around you.

Talking can make worry or distances between you and the people important to you, even if you are usually very close.

Talking about your illness and death will help you deal with future and future, and your concerns.

You or your family and friends can also find relief in getting them a topic open, even if you have trouble with it.

Strike Up a Conversation

You can talk about your feelings about death, your worries, your fears, your wishes for your future care, your funeral or the things you want to give to the people.

You do not have to talk about everything at once, there is no right or wrong way to start talking about dying in various situations for different people.

If you find it difficult to bring the topic, then some of the suggestions below can help.

There is no right or wrong way to start talking about death.

  • Choose a time and place where you will not be disturbed. You can try to say something like this:

  • ‘If we can talk about our situation, then it will help me. How do you feel about this? “, Or” I know it can be difficult, but do you think we should talk about what we should do? “It can start with a question because it gives another person the opportunity to say how they feel about them.

  • What they say, and if they change the subject or do not want to talk about it then try to say something, ‘OK, we do not have to talk about it anymore, but I hope we Anyone else can talk about it at any other time It’s something I really want to do. ‘

  • When people talk about someone’s death in their love, it is normal for people to feel troubled or emotional.

  • Do not try to stop it from being disturbed or crying, people are feeling any anxiety or pressure.

  • Once this pressure is released, then you can feel able to discuss things openly.

Things You Want to Say

If you know that you are coming to the end of your life, then it is important to try to say things you care for. It can be your partner, parents, siblings, children, grandchildren and friends.

You can tell the people you like them. You can ask them to tell them that they matter a lot to you, or it does not matter. It can feel very emotional if it gets heavy, say so, and suggest to talk once again You can write a letter, make a video or fill a memory box with those things Which remind you of the time you shared.

You can also think of dealing with an emotionally incomplete business. If you think that anyone needs to apologize to you, you can say that you apologize. If you have an argument with someone, then you might consider returning to the contact. If no argument can be harmed, then do not worry about it. At least you know that you have done your best.

If you think that you are not ready to bring the subject of your death with your loved ones, then you can probably discuss it with someone like a doctor, nurse or consultant.