Quit Smoking Excuses- 7 Excuses to Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking Excuses- 7 Excuses to Quit Smoking

 There are seven excuses that smokers have to delay to leave, and how to overcome them.

As soon as you get out, your body starts repairing itself.

Quit Smoking Excuses
Quit Smoking Excuses

Sorry 1: Damage is done

You feel that because you smoke, you have already increased the likelihood of having a related illness related to cancer or any other smoking, so leaving now will not make any difference.

In fact, as soon as you get out, your body starts repairing itself.

You will notice the improvement of your breath and the taste and the dirty after a few days.

You will not be able to expose yourself to passive smoking to improve the health of your family and friends.

Sorry 2: I Will Gain Weight

Medical evidence shows that nicotine is hungry. Nicotine burns calories faster, but unless you remember that you need less food energy, then leaving it will not actually help you gain weight.

Try eating low fat alternatives and do an activity instead of changing cigarettes with food.

Despite what you can think, nicotine does not calm you down.

Sorry 3: I Will Get Stressed

Despite what you can think, nicotine does not calm you down.

Nicotine cravings between cigarettes make you feel tense and anxious, so when you smoke cigarette you feel calm but once you get out and you do not have much greed, you will feel less stress.

If you want a cigarette, wait for 10 minutes, and usually lust will usually pass, take a few deep breaths or take a stroll to remove stress and get distracted by those greedies.

Sorry 4: This is Not the Right Time to Quit Smoking

Although it is true that you should not particularly try to leave during stressful times, do not use it as an excuse to try to leave it.

Choose a specific date, such as the start of a holiday or the beginning of the work week. Do what you want to do for a cigarette, such as drinking tea or pub or one day when you can avoid these triggers.

Telling many people that you are leaving you will be more likely to leave you do not want to leave them down, and you can ask the smokers if you do not offer cigarettes.

Sorry 5: Quitting Will Ruin My Social Life

For many smokers, cigarettes are an important part of their social life. You can classify yourself as a social smoker who has only a cigarette when you smoke with your friends or during the nights. You can be bonded with colleagues during cigarette breaks.

Although there is more than 40 smoke in social smoking day, any cigarette smoking damages your health.

Sorry 6: Smoking Feels Good

For some people, a sticky tobacco-packed paper looks attractive and fashionable. Adolescents feel that this may seem old or cooler to them.

But many people feel unpleasant to have a smoker; Yellow nails, black fingers and a stained tongue are not a beautiful sight.

Smoking makes your color dull and your skin gets older before time. So if you do not want to be old before your time, then it is a good idea to leave it.

Smell is also – the smoke of the cigarette sticks to your hair and clothes until you meet your last cigarette after the day. Some people think that a smoker is like a kiss to an ashtray. If you want to smell the fresher, then now is the time to leave.

Sorry 7: I Can Not Leave Because I’m Addicted

There is some truth in this: smoking is an addiction, which is definitely hard to quit, but it is not impossible with determination, you can do it.

To successfully quit, you must deal with nicotine with its chemical addiction and deal with the fact that smoking has become part of your daily routine.

When you get out, such as fatigue, irritability and poor concentration such as chemical addiction, your doctor may prescribe medicines to replace nicotine, there are counseling and support groups that help you to ignore your wishes. You can give extra motivation for it.

Change your routine so that you smoke the cigarette with an option like water drink or other activity.