How to Boost Your Health at Work?

How to Boost Your Health at Work?

Most of our waking hours are spent on the work, which means that the working environment can play a large part in our health and wellbeing.

Modern techniques repetitive tension is not solely responsible for injury.

There are many things that workers can do to reduce their risk of diseases related to their work, but not only can they use their time to promote their health.

1.Stress – How to Boost Your Health at Work

Stress-How to Boost Your Health at Work
Stress-How to Boost Your Health at Work

While not all stress related to work, it is important to know how to deal with a lot of pressure on work. Learn to identify symptoms of stress Do not wait to make you sick before doing something about it. One of the best ways to deal with stress is to take care of your work load and not take any more than you can handle.

2.Back Pain – How to Boost Your Health at Work

Back Pain-How to Boost Your Health at Work
Back Pain-How to Boost Your Health at Work

Some common causes of back pain are bad conditions or a strange twisting movement (bending or reaching), or combination of two.

In most cases of lower back pain, the best treatment is to be active and, if necessary, use over-the-counter painkillers. You can feel like going to bed, but it will not help and can make things worse. For a long time you remain stable, weak will become your back muscles and as long as they will get hurt.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator, or use your lunch break for exercise.

3.Repeated Stress Injuries-RSI

Repeated stress injuries (RSIs) are more likely to happen if you spend a long period of work without a break, or if you sit on an uncomfortable chair or poorly constructed workstation. Incorrect technology can be the reason of RSI when using computer keyboard and mouse, mobile phone or hand held device.

Modern technology is not entirely responsible. Anyone who uses repeated muscles can get RSI. This includes factory assembly-line workers, musicians, tailors and cleaners.

4.Sitting – How to Boost Your Health at Work

If you spend a lot of time at work at the desk, make sure that you are sitting in the right position in relation to your computer. If you are unsure about the right posture, ask your line manager for workplace evaluation.

If you do a lot of work on a computer, it is important to take a break on a regular basis. This means that you should rest for at least 5 to 10 minutes for each hour on your keyboard.

5.Exercise – How to Boost Your Health at Work

Many of us spend long hours on work and can be a long and tedious commute, but being active at work is easier than you think. Here are some tips for building exercise in your work day:

  • Work of your journey to work, if not all, the bicycle or walking part. Get away from a bus or station stop before your final destination

  • Walking on someone’s desk instead of talking to them on the phone

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator or exit some floors from the elevator, then use the stairs

  • Use your lunch break for exercise, you can have a gym in your office or you may have access to a nearby swimming pool or squash court.

Improving your normal fitness and reducing weight If you are essential, your posture and help will help to prevent injuries.

6.Lifting – How to Boost Your Health at Work

One of the biggest causes of back injury, especially at work, is to raise or handle things is wrong. Learning and following properly to lift and handle items can help stop the pain.

Here are some important points to safely carry:

  • Think before you get picked up

  • Start in a good condition

  • Keep the load close to your waist

  • Avoid turning your back or sideways

  • keep your head up.

  • Know your limits

  • Push, do not drag.

  • Distribute weight equally

7.Eating – How to Boost Your Health at Work

While we work, at least one third of our daily calories are consumed. What we eat and drink, not only affects our health, but also affects the performance of our work. If we do not regularly eat balanced food or drink enough water, we can get headache, Feel sluggish or keep in mind the difficulty.

Whether you buy your lunch from a sandwich shop, cafe, supermarket or work canteen, there are usually many healthy lunch options available. It is also a good idea to bring your lunch because you know that your lunch What is in the box and it will save you money. You can either prepare sandwiches or salads or save your evening meal.