When to Call an Ambulance For Your Child?

When to Call an Ambulance For Your Child?

It can be difficult to know when to call ambulance or go to the emergency department, but use the guide as the following.

When to Call an Ambulance For Your Child
When to Call an Ambulance For Your Child

Call Ambulance for Your Child if they:

  • Preventing breathing, difficulty breathing (breathing faster or painting or too much sweating) or fight for breath (you can report sucking under rib cage)

  • Unconscious or unaware of what is going on

  • Will not wake up

  • Despite being fit for the first time, even if they are cured

  • Their skin is cold and sticky

  • They are completely floppy or lame

  • They are not responding to you in their usual way. It may include things like they do not contact the eye or they have a certain strange expression, they are not alert or not aware of their surroundings, or they are nervous or confused.

Take Your Child to the Emergency Department if they:

  • Have a fever and are constantly dull

  • There is seriousness in stomach ache – being silent with mouth

  • There is a cut that can not stop bleeding or is in the middle of openness. Apply first aid remedy to prevent bleeding – dressing, strip, pressure and height wherever possible.

  • A foot or hand injury, which means they can not use the organ

  • Swallowed a poison or pills

At the top, trust your instincts. You know better than anyone, how your child is usually, you will know whether it is different or worrying. Always get medical advice if you are worried