Relationship Stages in Adult Relationships

Relationship Stages in Adult Relationships

There are 4 major steps in adult relationships – the passion of new love, mature love set, very good life and we are happy together.

Relationship Stages in Adult Relationships
Relationship Stages in Adult Relationships

Imagine Life is a big department store and you are going to lift. After the level level, you leave, stay for a while, then come back to the lift and proceed on exciting new shopping opportunities, but you leave behind the lower levels.

So what’s the level in your life at this time? There are four major stages here in most adult lives.

Step 1: Passion of New Love

Ah, it is love that romance novels are written about. Have you ever wondered why the hero and the heroine are finally together?

That’s because it’s an exciting part! Humans have evolved to try to connect with other humans.

They are excited about the chase, “capture” of that new, interesting person – the presence of a person who stops your heart, and whose touch only sends your body on one side, new love means that you can not sleep at night You constantly think about your lover.

You always want to be with them. You do not want to be different. This is the person for you.

Many people marry during this phase of passion and romance. Are you thinking that it will be forever.

Stage 2: In Mature Love Sets

If your body has a new love passion for your whole life, then you will burn out very soon! Apart from this, your pocketbook will be empty because you spent the last time on flowers and phone calls.

The issue of all new love promotion was to meet you two. Now that you are together, it is no longer necessary.

You have already proved to each other that you love each other. You do not have to prove it. Now your love is trustworthy, trust, honesty, things that are really worthwhile.

Flowers die, but knowing that your lover will be at 2 o’clock, when your car breaks down, then all the difference in the world is made.

One night meal in the fancy restaurant is good, but no gigolo can pull that clash exactly what is special when you are in the house with your own personal food, your favorite dishes, your favorite wine, and your best time memories Share with you.

Still at Stage 2: Paying attention to MTV and romance novels for people, it can be disturbing.

Do you mean that every day is not about the beautiful bouquets of flowers and the impassive speeches of immortal love? No! It’s about things that really matter in life – being one of the best friends.

With all the ups and downs of life, a true best friend who is dedicated to being next to your life, is the best thing you can expect. So save it!

Step 3: Actually, it’s Great

In most relationships, stage 3 is the assumption that “it is not good after all!” It is a match that life is not about non-stop romance, but it is about constant, meaningful tenderness, but as you begin to feel comfortable with that idea, small things which are “dear” at the beginning of the relationship “Now you start to mess around.

Yes, it was “lovely” that he went out with the boys on every Friday night, but now you really want to be able to go to the movies with him.

Yes, it was “lovely” that he was completely ineligible in the kitchen, but sheesh, you like a non-burnt meal every time!

Those small chimes annoyances can begin to be like torture of water … drip … drip … drip … by the end you were not really that important that an explosion in anger on something.

The important thing here is to know that each of us is a person, and we have good and bad parts.

Yes, your partner has some annoying symptoms, we all do. Undoubtedly the troubles of your partner trouble your partner.

And since your partner has been embedded for many years in that attribute (or his) for many years, in many years, you can say that “change!” And this work is slim. Yes, your partner can say that he wants to change!

Yes, your partner can actually try it! But this is not so easy if it were, then all the models would be thin, no one would smoke, and we all would be incredibly rich.

Life is not the same as if something is part of you, in fact it can really be difficult, if it is not impossible to change it.

Remember, this annoying feature is probably made up of your partner. And in the past you thought it was lovely, or you did not even notice it.

The only thing that has changed is your perception, so in some cases you can help your partner change slowly (i.e. you will feed both more healthy if your partner is overweight, if your partner size.

If you are outside, then you should be given the outside facility), you must also acknowledge that this is one of the strange but true aspects of your partner, which you can not constantly Kill Zathi and kill him. It should not be something that should defame your partner about the company. You have to love all your.

Stage 4: We are Happy Together

After a while with your partner, you are actually the best friend you have made it through good times and bad times.

You trust each other if things go wrong you will not go – you know You are in the race for a long time.

You have seen each other in your best form, and when you feel completely awful, you have seen each other on those white mornings.

Yes, you know that both of you are not right but what you are, you accept with love and affection.

Relationship Stages
Relationship Stages

Your relationship is not about running to see fancy all the time – you love each other the way you normally do, it is not about shouting and shouting and name-calling.

They are all ways of contempt to one person. You do not want to insult your best friend! If you start worrying about something, one of you will come back and talk about it later.

You learn that when one of you is upset about the subject and works around it.

Love has no distance and boundary, and it is right for those who have successful long distance relations.

By looking closely at such a relationship, you will know that at least, it insists on each other, if not more, then the amount of effort involved in other relationships.

To keep that love alive, elements of faith and respect were given more importance. You can be physically different, but you can be emotionally, spiritually and mentally beside each other.

Seeing each other for a long time is not very bad, but being unaware that you are not taking an extra special effort to communicate, worse than that.

To work your relationship, long distance communication involves more than just regular phone calls, emails or gifts, this is an additional amount of time and effort that really matters.

Here are some unique tips for how to work long-distance romance.

Snail Mail

 The age of technology has made almost the aspect of life in its own right, and yes, less personal Filling your romantic thoughts through e-mail is fast, cheap and hassle-free, hand-written messages on perfume stationery also do not dash the excitement of reading simple I-love-reading. How much time, effort and creativity you enjoy for yourself, it tells you to please him.

Sing Songs

 You can never be wrong with the universal language of love, music. You can do better by sending him the latest album of his favorite singer, why not become his favorite singer?

He sings his favorite songs, recorded on a tape, or has been transferred to the CD but if you do not want to be a singer, you can become his personal DJ. Compile all your favorite love songs in the CD.

But if you want to give it a “live” performance, why not add the services of singing wire? Singing telegrams are actually singers, which can be rented for a person, for a person or for a song, this is a great way to celebrate a special occasion, and there will also be certified hits for non-occasions. .

Video Greeting Card

 You have not seen each other for months now, and at this time, you will give anything to do so. Okay, you can do that without actually flying to see him.

When you go about your daily activities, you can “speak” the video greeting card or video camera through your means.

This is a way of removing him from his life and when you live in it, why not sing it as favorite song and make it more interesting!

Flower Barrage

 Does not the girl melt with the view of walking around the flakes of her favorite flowers?

Give him the thrill of his life by sending him a bouquet of your favorite flowers every day, and get born for his birthday, wedding anniversary, or other special days.

You can make every day unexpected by sending it to your office and to the place where it lives, or on different days send different types of flowers.

Amazing Journey

 Have you reached that point when you think you can stand another minute without it?

By all means, let them know without knowing it first and see it. Buy that ticket and travel to the next plane, bus or train where it is.

There is nothing more romantic than showing him that you will see him and cross over the rivers and mountains.