How to Surrogate Mother Make Money from Surrogacy?

How to Surrogate Mother Make Money from Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is an agreement between childless couple and surrogate mother who has to rent his pregnancy by the time of the birth of the child of the infamous couple. Surrogate mother is paid for being pregnant without a cynical couple.

India is a destination for surrogates for people all over the world. Dear couple, go to the option of surrogacy as India in India, surrogacy is cost effective and with fewer and simpler laws.

Most of the hired mothers in India belong to the lower middle-class family who pay their debts, buy a home or do this for children’s education, so there is less chance of having a child after giving birth to a child. Apart from this, some upper class families have surrogacy to fulfill some of their desires.

The total cost for surrogate in India is $ 200,000, including counseling, rent for mothers, medical expenses and distribution expenses. But in the developed countries like USA, UK, the whole process of surrogate costs is 4 times higher than the Indian cost of surrogacy.

Who Raises Surrogate?

Surrogates are selected by couples or women who are unable to conceive, many abortions, uterine problems, failures in IVF treatment, and other health problems that can put them at risk.

Types of surrogate

There are two types of surrogates –

  1. Traditional surrogate
  2. Gestational surrogate

Traditional surrogate – In traditional surrogate, surrogate mother gets pregnant with the sperm of the father intentions through artificial umbilage. In this method, the child is related to genetically surrogate mother and desired father. This kind of Sarogeti is not legal in India.

Gestational surrogate – In pregnant surrogate, the mother of rented, intended by artificial conception, parents become pregnant with eggs and sperm. In such surrogate, the child is biological of the expected parent. Or sperm of donor egg or donor is also used in gestational surrogate.

Gestational surrogate is common in India compared to conventional surrogacy.

Before Deciding

Before becoming a surrogate mother, it seems twice that you can take a stranger’s baby in your womb. After going for 9 months, will you allow the child to go to his parents? You can not take the surrogate lightly because it is a 9-month commitment

After deciding to become a surrogate mother, take a legal advice, discuss with your husband surrogate, your family member also takes his opinion, it will be better so that you can not get trapped in the middle of pregnancy, if the expected parent For any reason.

Who is to Contact for Surrogate?

To become a surrogate mother you can register with a reproductive clinic near your place. Not all Reproductive Clinic Surrogates We can not suggest any clinic here, you can do a Google search for reproductive clinicians that is a surrogate program.

Check those who are paying compensation, medical expenses, surrogate homes etc. See details on clinics websites and then contact them.

If your neighbors, friends or relatives first become surrogate mothers, then you can also get their suggestions.

How Much Money Can You Earn?

A surrogate mother receives more than Rs. 250,000 or depends on the total cost of treatment. The compensation varies according to the reproduction clinic.

Medical expenses, delivery expenses are taken by the customer and in some cases monthly allowance allowance is also provided.

Some clinics offer rental homes where the rent mothers stay away from their home during pregnancy and after delivery to the recovery period.

In the rented homes, they are provided with food, maternity clothes, living comfortably and proper care and other great services. She also receives life insurance cover during pregnancy.

Even some clinics take care of families and mothers of rented mothers. In some cases, the amount of unearned rent is only paid up to 20000 rupees.

Where the rent is not really known that it is not a low salary, seek a legal advice so that the compensation can be ascertained so that you do not receive a lower wage.

Compensation compensation during installments during the rented mother after the first payment after embryo transfer, after paying the payment, payment of payment and delivery after completion and final payment is received.

Recruitment of Surrogate Mother

Earlier, the doctors had posted an advertisement for the recruitment of the mothers of the rented, but now the trend has changed that people are pushing themselves, women’s husbands are also supporting them.

Occasionally the mother of rented meets families, friends or trusted sources. All personal details, health details, background of the rented mother are reported to the informed parents.

The mother of rented from the database of transplant clinics is selected. After selecting the surrogate mother, a meeting between the expected parent and the rented mother and her husband is planned or coordinated by the couple to coordinate a coordinator Is kept.

After successful meeting between the two sides treatment.

After selecting the surrogate mother, before recommending the surrogate procedure for surrogate mother, mentally prepared to hire a fetus in consultation with the mother and is not emotionally connected to the child.

Who Can Become Surrogate Mother?

  1. Age should be below 21 years and below 35 years
  2. Surrogate mother should get married and she should have at least one child and complete her family.
  3. Surrogate mother also has to get the consent of her husband or any other family member.
  4. Your children should be healthy and have normal delivery.
  5. She should be in the form of safe delivery in the form of first delivery.
  6. Surrogate mother should be good at mental and physical health.
  7. Genetic disorders and diseases should not be in the families of rented mothers.
  8. Full medical examination is taken.
  9. They should not be infected with diseases such as hepatitis B, STD, HIV, etc. Apart from this, her husband has to undergo medical tests for hepatitis B, HIV, etc.
  10. Surrogate mother should be overweight, non-alcoholic, and non-smoker, and should remain in a non-smoking and abusive environment.
  11. If the surrogate mother is overweight then she must lose weight before surrogate.
  12. The rented mother should be mentally fit and should not be on any medicine for any illness.
  13. Surrogacy is valid only for 3 pregnancies, so if a rented mother has her two children, she can become a surrogate mother only once.
  14. No criminal records. Background is checked to ascertain whether the surrogate mother or any of her family members are not involved in any violence or crime.
  15. Surrogate mother should be supported by husband and family members.

Problem for surrogate mother

As the child is carrying nine months, the rented mother is attached to the child. After the delivery, the mother feels emotionally difficult for the child to be separated. If a family or a husband does not support after childbirth then it is a difficult time for a rented mother.

Legal Formalities

For the process of surrogate, a legal contract has been signed between the rented mother and the desired parent.

The contract includes the name and description of the mother of the rent, details of parents, types of surrogate, surrogate mother, her husband, written consent of her family members, total compensation for surrogate, payment of payment, payment method and other Terms and conditions .

The husband of the surrogate mother will have to sign a written agreement that she agrees and supports Sirgate and will not claim for the child after delivery.

The child of the rent is given birth certificate in the name of the parents, not the name of the rented mother. Surrogacy as well as parents should keep privacy according to the agreement.

In some cases the mother of the rented and intending parent is also in touch during pregnancy or even after delivery. Some expected parents only keep in touch with the rented mother till the delivery time, depending on different matters.

You can also check this post for more legal information about surrogate.

I hope that at least some of the women in this above information are surrogate, you are not only receiving the money but also giving the lenient Dalits happiness for ever.

This is a gift given by science to help the selfless couple. I know that many of us young women do not have to think of another child, but if there is a friend or a family circle in our family that is selfless then we can definitely rent our womb.

Apart from this, your husband and family will feel proud that you have helped the infamous couple.