6 Ways to Embrace Your Mom’s Body Completely

6 Ways to Embrace Your Mom’s Body Completely

Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful and special times in a woman’s life, but there are many changes in the body with pregnancy, and surprisingly, some major changes include weight, stretch marks, and stained breasts (they Sag as a result of stretch skin will begin. Although there are things that happen from your body that do not talk to anyone after pregnancy, these are not things that you should be ashamed of. And below are six ways to help your mother love.

Stretch Marks

Do not worry about stretch marks, almost every woman has them, and they are a normal part of pregnancy. Instead of thinking about your stretch marks as an ugly flaws, think of them as a reminder of your pregnancy, and how strong you were enough to take a baby for nine months.

The Marks are Beautiful

If you had a Caesarean, you would have a mark to remind you about it. Think about it, if this is not a plan, then it acts as a reminder that sometimes beautiful things can come from life, even if they are unplanned and if it was a planned caesarean, then one of the respect See type badge.

Chant a Mantra

It’s all about positive reinforcement. Remind yourself that your body has passed a tough time, and be grateful for its work. And do not stay in the crowd for your child’s future, just as the way was used, give yourself a break.

Ignore Media

Media can be a dangerous place, and you can compare your body compared to celebrity mothers, or supermodels. One word: Do not do it. Everyone is different, and taking media notifications and what you see about it, instead of being sad, say good things to yourself, and about your body.

Appreciate that Your Body is Healthy

Despite the fact that your body is going through so many changes, you should be grateful that your body is a vessel, and if you are treating it properly and taking care of yourself, then that thing You should be grateful that you are healthy. And remember, your physical image can affect how your child looks at his body, and as a parent, your child has a healthy relationship with his body, to make sure you have more There is more responsibility.

Physical Acceptance is Very Important

Instead of being embarrassed with your mother Bod, you should embrace it. Because the incompleteness of your every mistake is now a story about your pregnancy and the perfect person you have welcomed in the world. And it’s something to be proud of!