Celebrate Guilt-Free With These Healthier Holiday Cocktail Recipes

Celebrate Guilt-Free With These Healthier Holiday Cocktail Recipes

Traditional holiday drinks can be very caloric! Here are some ways to make your favorite holiday cocktails and healthy drink choices.

This is the time of the year in which the holiday parties are in full force. Holiday parties are full of delicious food and fun drinks. However, they are often very tasty but dense behaviors with calories. Some drinks will not break your diet but one or two drinks can quickly change into four or five!

So when you want to limit the impact of the holiday parties, here are some healthy alternatives to some favorite holiday drinks!

  1. Pomegranate Sangria

Try to use honey instead of a simple syrup honey is sweet, so it will be less necessary to get the same sweetness level. You can also try sweating with sweat fruits and / or completely remove sweetener from your recipes. Adding a little shiny water to reduce the amount of sparkling wine can also help in reducing calorie intake. Like winter fruits like pomegranate, cranberry, satsuma and crispy apples do in your sangyiya recipe.

  1. Hot Buttered Rum

In traditional recipes for this drink you will use butter sticks and rods. Although the butter is tasty, just one stick butter (which can be easily consumed in this delicious drink) has more than 800 calories! It is half of the number of calories that the average person needs to consume in one day. Try to raise the number of spices and reduce the amount of butter in your favorite recipe. You can use a small amount of honey or another alternative sweetener, which can be the only part of sweeteners instead of a spoon of brown sugar.

  1. Mulled Wines

Spice up your favorite recipe to reduce the amount of sugar or minimize Chinese alternatives like stevia. Choosing a sweet wine can also reduce the need to add sugar to your mold wine.

  1. Gingerbread Eggnog

This is a delicious holiday treat. Use recipes that use bananas or use light soy milk or almond milk as a base. Such choices of your favorite egg food can be big calorie savers and provide extra nutrition. This is the same for cold peppermint or candy sugar cane cocktails – light soy milk can provide fat texture with low amount of special calories.

  1. Cranberry Mimosa

Fry light cranberry juice or cranberry juice without sugar. Add a splash of club soda to reduce the amount of champagne or juice required in each Mimosa. Add cranberry or fresh pomegranate seeds for additional nutrition and flavor.