Are You Coping with a Terminal Illness?

Are You Coping with a Terminal Illness?

When you hear bad news about your situation, there is no right or wrong way to feel. You can feel lazy for the first time, and are unable to take the news, or it is a matter of strange peace and fact.

What you are doing may feel overwhelming.

As time passes, you may experience many types of feelings

It is normal to feel some or all of the following: shock, fear, anger, dissatisfaction, rejection, helplessness, sadness, frustration, relief and acceptance.

You can feel different and alone, even if you have family and friends around you.

You can not experience all these emotions, and if you do, then they will not be needed in any particular sequence. Whatever you think, you do not have to go through it alone.

Terminal Illness
Terminal Illness

When You Hear the News

Whatever you think, you do not need to go through it alone.

Hearing that your illness can not be cured can be a frightening experience Many people will be unable to take everything. If you are in counsel alone, then ask if you can bring a relative or a friend to listen to everything from the doctor. This may include seeking a follow-up appointment so that someone can stay with you.

Ask the doctor what help is available to you, you can send them to the palliative care team, who specializes in caring for people who are living with an incurable condition.

Your doctor will also know about a local source of support available to you. It can include information about your illness, financial benefits you may be entitled to, support groups and consultation services.

Search to Talk to Someone

Not everybody wants to talk about what they are doing. Some people do not want to talk about it already, and this is normal. However, a terminal (sometimes called life-limiting) diagnosis can cause anxiety and fear, and it can help to talk about these things so that they do not feel impossible to deal with it.

Relationship Stages in Adult Relationships
Relationship Stages in Adult Relationships

You may want to talk with your partner, family, friends or doctor, or a nurse, consultant or religious minister.

Your closest people will deal with your feelings about your diagnosis. If you or they find it difficult to talk about it, then you may want to talk to someone at least with someone. Your doctor or nurse can help you find a counselor.

You may also want to talk to other people who are in the same situation. It can help if you are feeling alone or confused how others have to deal with this news that they are dying.

By knowing that you have a life-limited situation, essentially you are living with uncertainty. You probably will have questions that do not have a definitive answer, like how and when your body is changing, it will be on your freedom and your relationship, what will happen at work, and how much time you have left.

Not knowing what’s going to happen to you, she can feel overwhelmed and upset. It is normal to feel this way, and it is okay to talk to people how you feel.

If You Think You are Frustrated

Everyone is unique and you will respond to the news that your condition is limited to life. It is normal to feel emotions like shock, sadness, anger and helplessness.

However, for some people, to realize that they are not capable of dealing with their situation, they do not go away and they feel very little that they can be able to do whatever they want. If this happens with you and these emotions persist, then it can be helpful to talk to your doctor. The therapy often helps and can make a difference to how well you feel that counseling or cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is facing you.

Find Out About the Benefits

If you are sick and you need treatment or care you will be entitled to benefits, and your doctor will be able to advise you about this.

Your caregiver may also qualify for allowance, and you can get more information about Centrilic Care allowance and payment of care

Stay With Your Diagnosis

One Step at a Time

The work you are doing may feel overwhelming, but you can feel less by thinking of it as a ‘piece’. Decide on some small achievable goals so that you can gain confidence. It could be something like putting family pictures on the album or meeting a friend.

You can still think of big issues, like how you want to take care of yourself in the future, but you do not understand that you have to settle everything at once.

Write Your Concerns

Some feel helpless and that everything is out of control, writing concerns and questions is important to you and can start the process of deciding how to deal with it.

If you want, you can use what you have written to help talk to your family, friends and carers about things.

Take Care of Yourself

Try to take some time to do things you like. This is especially important when you feel tired and weak.

Complementary treatments like massage and aromatherapy can help you feel better. You might be close to you.