Health Benefits of Cycling for Beginners

Health Benefits of Cycling for Beginners

Whether you are cycling for work, at school, shops or simply for fun, the humble bike is an easy way to be more active.

Regular cycling, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke can reduce the risk of chronic diseases. It can also boost your mood and keep your weight under control.

This guide cycling is designed to create a safe and enjoyable experience for beginners, and provides tips on being inspired.

Health Benefits of Cycling
Health Benefits of Cycling

Before You Start

For most people, cycling is a safe and effective form of exercise. If you have any health concerns or current medical problems, then look at your doctor before starting.

For a short trip, any good bikes will work. You may have an old shopping bike or deal mountain bike that you can use.

A 30 minute ride will count towards your recommended weekly activity goal.

If you are buying a second hand bike or you have an old bike that is collecting dust, then consider servicing it in a specialist bike shop to ensure that this road is worthwhile.

If you are buying a new bike, there are many models to choose from. Hybrid, road bikes and mountain bikes are the most popular.

A specialist bike shop will advise you on the right frame size and will help you choose the bike according to your budget and cycling type.

Bikes are also available for disabled people.

Start Outside

If you have not cycled before cycling habit or you find a traffic-free area to start like your local park.

Ride hands alone so that you can indicate by hand, and see comfortably, on both the shoulders to improve your visual awareness. Some people like to attach a small mirror to their bike handbars or helmets to help them see what is behind them.

Before starting cycling in traffic, check road rules and regulations for cyclists.

For health benefits, adults and elderly adults are celebrated for at least 2 hours and 30 minutes (150 minutes) of moderate intensity aerobic activity every week.

Children and youth are observed to perform at least one hour (60 minutes) medium to strongly-intensity aerobic activity every day.

A 30 minute ride, where your breath is fast and deep, will be in the calculation of your recommended weekly activity goal.

If you are just beginning, take it slowly and gradually increase your cycle ride. Any improvement that you currently do is beneficial.

If you are feeling unhealthy, make sure you stop and seek medical advice.

Inspired by Stay

Make it a Habit

The easiest way to ensure a regular cycle is to use your bike as a means of daily transportation. If you want some company on your company’s bike ride, whether it works or fun, find a cycling pal.

Cycle to Work

Communication by bike is cheap, green and one of the easiest ways to exercise in your daily routine. Ask your office manager or human resources representative if shower and bike storage are available.

Cycle to School

There is a great way to go to school to make children more active. Cycling has many benefits for children such as health, self-confidence and concentration. Parents may want to meet with small children, which is also a good way for cycling to be good.

Mix it Up

There are many places for cycles in cities and rural areas. Cycling is an ideal way for friends and family to explore their neighborhood and beyond.

Join a Bike Ride

From charity ride to the park cycle, signing up for bike rides is a great way to stay motivated and experience great outdoors.