Prostate Cancer is the Most Common Cancer in Men

Prostate Cancer is the Most Common Cancer in Men

Introduction to Prostate Cancer –

Prostate is a small gland about the shape of a nut between a male’s penis and urinary bladder. It is all around the urethra which leads to urine from the bladder to the penis. The main function of prostate is to help generate semen.

Prostate Cancer in Man
Prostate Cancer in Man

Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men and is likely to develop the development of this type of cancer with age.

Symptoms do not usually appear unless the cancer is large enough to put pressure on the urethra and may include:

  • Frequent urination is required during the night
  • Need to flee to the toilet
  • difficulty in starting urination (hesitation)
  • Tense or take long time during urination
  • A weak flow during pee
  • It is feeling that your urinary bladder is not completely empty after peeing.

These symptoms should be examined by your doctor, but they do not mean that you have prostate cancer, many men’s prostate becomes big because they become obese due to non-cancerous condition, which are called ‘benign prostatic hyperplasia’ Or prostate enlargement.