What are the Warning Signs of Suicide in Human Being?

What are the Warning Signs of Suicide in Human Being?

This article contains warning signs of suicide, which you should see. If you see, any of these warning signs in a friend, relative or loved one, encourage them to encourage how they feel and share their concerns with a member of their health care team.

Warning Signs of Suicide
Warning Signs of Suicide

Encourage them to feel how they feel.

High Risk Warning Signs

A person may have a high risk of suicide if he:

  • The threat of injury or killing yourself
  • Actively watch how to kill yourself, such as buying a dock or a store that could harm yourself
  • Talk, draw or write about death, dying or suicide.

Other Warning Signs

A person may also have the risk of committing suicide if he:

If you feel that the person who is killed by suicide is at high risk, then call triple zero (000).

  • Complain of feelings of disappointment, say, “What is the issue of trying? I know things are never going to be better ‘
  • There are sudden episodes of anger and anger
  • Work negligently and engage in risky activities with a clear lack of concern about the result.
  • Talk about feeling trapped, as if it is saying that they can not see beyond their current situation
  • Start abusing drugs or alcohol, or they use more often
  • Generally withdrawn from friends, family and society
  • Feeling worried and excited
  • Unable to sleep or sleep at all times
  • Suddenly the mood swings – after a period of depression, can suddenly be raised in the mood, so that they can decide to commit suicide
  • Talk and act like this, which tells that there is no purpose of their life
  • Losing interest in their presence, such as dressing badly, dressing up or not washing regularly
  • Keep your cases in order.

Where to Get Help

If you or someone you care for is feeling suicidal, immediately seek help. Their doctor or acute care team can provide them many options for the treatment and management of mental health issues. The emergency department will also be able to help them in their local hospital.

While waiting for the person to receive treatment, remove the possible means of suicide from your immediate environment, such as medicines, knives or other sharp items, and domestic chemicals like bleach.