Intimacy Secrets – Full Body Erotic Massage

Intimacy Secrets – Full Body Erotic Massage

Do you think that when you “love” your partner, then you disappear on “love”? Is sex something regular, and the intimacy gained from it? Well, the suggestions below will help in getting sexually transmitted to a higher level. Put the love back in close moments on the bed.

Intimacy Secrets
Intimacy Secrets

Admire your partner


It involves the praise of your lover’s physical appearance as well as his technique on the bed.

Tell him how beautiful he is because you slowly kiss your body on your way. This will increase his confidence and he will take rest during the process and enjoy.


Tell her that when she likes you, she feels so good. So that he knows what you like most. People should be instructed and know what to do.


The right kind of touch


I will never forget that time when I was having oral sex on my husband and she reached down and lifted my hand and grabbed it. I think the immediate connection was like the brightness of light between us.

Play your fingers through your partner’s hair while she is having oral sex on you. It shows to your partner that you are enjoying what he is doing with you.


When you fall in love, then let your partner’s face cum and kiss. Add a little romantic touch to love.


Take the first bath together

My husband and I frequently take a bath together This gives us an opportunity to talk and relax in each other’s arms before loving. The foreplay starts as we do towels to each other.


Prepare for the right atmosphere


Make the bed soft, clean sheets, and stack extra pillows. Make a tape of your favorite songs and close it in the background, light candles, lights.


Full Body Erotic Massage


After a hard day’s work, give your partner a full full body massage. While she is lying comfortably on the bed, you are actually stimulating her with that sensual touch of her fingers at special places on the body. It has been proved that many great sex before massage a good body. Make a full body massage today to start a great and intimate sex with your partner.


Eye Contact


When pairs are very tender, romantic, in the mood of sex, they go extra slow and contact with eyes all the time. The connections that they feel are unbelievable. There are many trustworthy trusts here, knowing and knowing someone is watching you that you are not at all comfortable at first. Reaching that point where you do not feel uncomfortable now is one of those things that makes contact with eyes so intimate. By the way, I highly recommend eye contact during oral sex.


Leaning After Sex


I think this one has been given. Women already know this … However, some men do not know what it means for a woman when her partner is awake to roam after sex. Friends, when you love a woman, she feels closer to you, when she ends, how wonderful she feels in it, and it does this by talking to you and tampering with you.


Leave Each Other


Instead of going to the naked bed, wear some sexy so your partner can wear you. It can not look like a recipe for intimacy but I put it here because when I go to bed in lingerie, it slows my husband down. And the same when he comes to bed with boxers and T-shirt. When we are already naked, we find ourselves running … and running is sometimes good, but not every time. In addition, men like to see their partner in lingerie and women just like to take a man’s shirt.


Your Sex Life Masala


Does your sex life lose its luster? Is it a hobby for your partner to join in sexual activities? Do not lose hope, what is happening with you is quite normal. Many people now have sexual relations and then because the routine is easy and comfortable according to the definition.


As much as we want to wipe our magic wand on our bed and wish to restore our sexual life to our former glory, there really is no definite fire toy or quick solution. However, with the desire for some inspiration and exploration, you will be surprised how some simple changes you can get on a road for a more satisfying sexual life.


Start by asking yourself some questions


What do you like – What do you imagine about? Since our society defines sex so narrowly, so many people have trouble imagining sexual possibilities beyond their current performance. Start your investigation with a little research. Buy general sex guides like Good Vibrance Guide to Sex and take a look at some of the activities that you can get worried in the past. You may always be curious about anal sex, or have kept the secret desire to be spank. Allow them to look forward to them.




Talking to your partner about sex is important in the development of a great sex life. And it is not necessary to have a drag to practice your communication skills. Talking to each other’s hot stories is a great way to communicate with your partner whom you like or what you want to find. If the thing seems very scary to you, then consider giving your partner a description of one of your best fantasies so that your partner will know what you like most.


Have a good look at your normal sexual routine. Do you always have sex in one place? At the same time? Is there any activity in every encounter that is almost in the same order? Imagine the possibilities that stimulate you beyond your normal habits. If you have sex before bedtime, what will happen if you start sex in the morning or in the afternoon of the weekend, when you have no obligation? Think about your sexual patterns. Do you and your sweetie always engage in good, serious hours of loving? Or do you like it quick and dirty? If you usually keep one or two hours separate for sex, try a quickie. And vice versa.


Experiment with new ideas Ideas are always to discover and embrace new changes in your sex life because the changes spice up your sexual routine. In a society which discourages sexual investigations and gives us only a small menu of sexual options suitable for “good people”, it takes courage and initiative to try new things. However, one of the best things about finding new ways in your sex life is that it creates intimacy between partners. At the top of it, the changes need to take risks, all of which can set up their own pulse racing. Make commitment to try at least one new thing each month. You can start small: masturbate with a new toy or try a new sex situation, or go for some more ambitious, such as entering into anal sex or BDSM. Now is the time to accept and work on your wishes.


Sex dates make it a date for sex, it is right. By planning sex dates, you and your partner are confirming the importance of sex in your life, and you are actively creating time and place for gender. Although it seems to be the opponent, you are not taking all the simplicity (and excitement) from your sexual life. By assigning a day to sex on your calendar, you tap into a major component of sexual arousal: anticipation. Sex dates should not be just another responsibility in your already busy schedule; They have the opportunity to keep all their everyday worries on the back burner and to enjoy sex entirely.


Play the game. Erotic games are a great way to present new ideas in your relationship with a fun and non-threatening approach. They pressurize any of you to start sex. Games such as Dirty Dice, Lovers Lotto, and Job Sutra games give sexual activity opportunities, so your encounters do not have pre-written quality. The lover’s paintbox gives you an opportunity to make edible artwork on your lover’s body, while truth or fear puts a stupid spin on the classic children’s play.


Use Erotic Wishes Aerotica, whether it’s stories, pictures or videos, to find out what you change. During your search, you can get hot spots you never knew. Involve your partner in your research and not only will you get new insights into your work, both of you will get started in the process.


Enjoy the whole process. And last but not least, try to lighten up in the bedroom. Do not worry about performance, time, or expectations. Just get ready to have fun, and do not be afraid to laugh at yourself. Why not break the ice and start with a good laugh – try to staple a vibratory butterfly on your penis or a strain on your penis, and try to stap your dolphins – and you will smile while you discuss. And remember to remember the expectations. Take the way it comes and do not forget your praise.


Have fun! Do not focus so much on change, or unrealistic expectations that you

ABC of Sex


  1. Stay on the shallow end to stimulate sex for you. Sex experts found that the outer side of the vagina is the third most sensitive, therefore there is no need to give deep emphasis. Dip the tip of your penis in your vagina – it will look very good for both of you.


  1. Spice up your sexual life by doing it in the closet under the stairs – seriously. Novelty is an acute eFrodigygy, and any unusual setting with strange sensations, smell and muslin sounds will raise sexual harassment to raise the excitement.


  1. When you have sex, your man sits on the top of the washing machine (you wrap your legs with your legs and climb to the top with your feet). Vibration takes it through its penis, transforms it into a wonderful compressor.


  1. Select the Cotton cycle for best results. It is a hot wash, so its bomb will not be cold, apart from it is the longest, fastest spin. Feel those good vibrations.


  1. By putting a pillow under your bottom, you are making an optimum 26-degree pelvic inclination, which means maximum contact between your body and your falling. This way you will intercourse every time.



  1. Get Red Colors make a sexy mood. Red, dark blue and purple are the three most erotic colors. And the least erotic?


  1. Sex in the bath can be fun but difficult. Try it: take a half-way bath with a bath, then put lots of bath gel on each other’s body. Instead of lying to your man lying in the bath, lying on it, and instead of going for a curved sex, rubbing your body on your body and encouraging each other to stimulate.

Do not go alone with your compressor. Only 25% of women marriages through curly sex alone, so get your man to enjoy sex toys, while he is on it.


  1. When he is going to you, ask him to talk to you. Vibration and its unpredictability from his voice will make you even faster.


  1. If you are planning to give her oral happiness, then feed your man cinnamon, cardamom, mint and lemon. This will make your semen taste nicer.


  1. And do not let him go to garlic, onion, curry or asparagus – all these foods will make their semen taste unpleasant.


  1. Masturbate with a string of pearls to convince you to buy more ornaments. Use a lot of lubrication, then wrap the beads around the shaft of his penis, slowly stroking them up and down. They will add different levels of excitement to the experience.


  1. Ask him to use your nose when he is going on you. Most men actually love the smell of a woman and the nose makes an excellent clitoral stimulant. (Now you know why some women love men with big noses!)


  1. If you enjoy outdoor sex, then try it: Drive in the country, open the car sunroof and keep your feet on the edge with hanging from inside. Now your man – who is still inside the car – you have to lick to have sex. If someone should have it, then you will feel like you are sunbathing and, once you do, it is his turn.


  1. To have sex really exciting, have sex on a swivel chair. Dr. Keith Hopcroft of Health Health Editor, Men says, ‘spinning sends liquids around the balance system in your inner ear, and this deviation makes you feel like you’re swimming. Get ready to land on Claude Nine.


Sexy Ideas ~ To Spice Your Love Life!


Get your partner to write your 5 fantasies on pieces of paper, you do the same. When both of you finish, put 10 fantasies in a jar and keep it in a personal place. Whenever you feel courageous, then turn it aside to pick it up.


Tease a strip for your lover. Wear sexy lingerie with lots of relationships and lace, play erotic music and use red light bulbs (professional strippers use them because they look innocent on your skin). Sit on his chair and bend his hands so that he can touch you.


Write a letter to your lover * Tell everything * When you look at each other, you plan to do it. The letter was given through the courier at work that morning. (You want them to imagine it all day)


Play the truth on the paper questions that you want to ask your love and they have to do the same. be creative! Keep all the papers in a jar and turn it on to choose and ask questions. You can pull your own questions, but this is part of fun.



Play your version of “60 Seconds in Heaven” Ask your loved ones that they want to kiss you. Then the next 60 seconds rely on that particular area of ​​your body.


Write an erotic story about you and your lover. Copy it to good paper and next time you want to fly spark, give it to you, you can also ask your love to read it. Or give them a tease as they are on the way to work. If you have long distance love, send it through mail.


Before going inside, spend a few minutes in the car after a date.


One Evening


Proceed to stay with them when you come home. They can come home early! Sexual positions relevant situation


  1. In a missionary position, having sex on your shoulders while having sex, feel great inside you. Doing this reduces your vaginal canal, so it will feel very long.


  1. Lie down on your face on the bed and keep your feet on your side and invite your man to lie to you. Squeeze your thighs on your penis and sharpen your sensation for you.


  1. Sit on top of the side of the narrow side of the side, along with your feet. Now lean back as if you were riding a solder broncho and enjoy extra excitement on the next wall of your vagina – an incredibly sensitive spot.


  1. Make doggy style work for you. Kneel on the edge of the bed and put your face and upper chest on the mattress, so that you can make ‘slide’ with your back. This vertical angle increases the vaginal barrel, squeezes its penis. Apart from this, you can enjoy extra excitement on your nipples from the mattress!


  1. Get extra clitoral stimulation in classic ‘spoon’ position with a simple body twist. Lying on your left side, place your right foot on her and her left foot. Now give yourself the position so that you are almost flat on your back. Grab your right foot and grind it – this is a definite fire route for you to have sex.