Benefits of Kiss-Kissing Health and Sex

Benefits of Kiss-Kissing Health and Sex

Kissing and health

Can you “catch something” by kissing?

Yes you can do anything with cold

Seriously sexually transmitted

Disease. Apart from this, because the AIDS virus has been

Found in saliva of people with AIDS, it

Someone can be transmitted by kissing

Illness, especially if you have someone

Kissing-Benefits of Kiss
Kissing-Benefits of Kiss

Your mouth cut

There is no such thing as 100% security. but

If someone is cold or flu, then wait

Is over. If you see that he has a wound

Mouth or lips, stay away! Also, if you have

Cut your mouth, or it grows

Your chance to pass on the transition

I do not want to make you mad, but just

There is no such thing as “safe kiss” to tell you

So keep that in mind.


Kissing and Sex

Kissing can be very fun. Just do not think that

Because you kiss a boy, you have to do anything


On the other hand, once you are kissing

With passion, both of you can feel like going forward.

The best way to escape is to kiss me

At the semi-public place If you kiss her

You know, on a movie theater or on your front porch

It will not lead sex there!


On the other hand, if you are sitting on your bed

Your parents are not home, there really is nothing

To stop you, it’s something that you want to avoid.


I’m not trying to tell you how to run your life, just

Telling you what has worked for me.


Practice Makes Perfect!

The only way to get good in a kiss is to

Practice. Have fun!