Look Out For Signs if He Wants to Kiss You

Look Out For Signs if He Wants to Kiss You

Once you kiss him, you know he wants

Kiss you But what if both of you have never kissed

The first kiss is the most difficult.

Kissing Sign-He Wants to Kiss You
Kissing Sign-He Wants to Kiss You

You can ask him to kiss, but he takes

Very courage but you can tell without reading

His brain

Here are some ways.

He could have worked on science project with someone else, but

He asked you. He could call someone else

Talk about English assignments, but he called you.

He could sit anywhere in the cafeteria, but

She sat next to you That means he likes to hang out with you.


And what about him when you are with him?

Is that sit close to you? Does he smile and be happy

You are all the hints that they like

You and probably want to kiss you.


How to Get Him to Kiss


Sometimes people who panic send them

mixed signals. You want to kiss her, but

Your nervous behavior can say “stay away.”


The first of all your currencies should be open. Sit or

Standing closer to him. fack it. Look at it but not

land. Do not cross your arms or lean away; Or,

Instead of “kiss me” you will say “stop kissing!”


Look in his eyes. smile. Go closer to him. If you are

Do not hold hands, do it, do it. Ask her to help you

Remove an earring, or undo the inclination of that gold chain

You are wearing it to keep it both hands in order to do this on your neck.


Now turn your head on, and look in his eyes, and keep quiet.

Smile. If he says anything, then just obstruct and whisper

Slowly his name He will surely kiss you!