Migraine: What Do Experts Say?

Migraine: What Do Experts Say?

It is very important to understand about migraine. Many times people suffer from migraine headaches, while Migraine is completely different. Learn about the migraine expert …


Headache is of two types:

  1. Primary Headache : Migraine, Tension and Type Headache etc.
  2. Secondary Headache: This is due to other reasons such as brain tumor, brain haemorrhage and brain fever etc. Changes in blood vessel due to chemical reactions in the brain are considered to be the main cause of migraine. The sufferer has a slight headache in the beginning and then it grows. Apart from this, it is vomiting or nausea and there is trouble with noise and light.

How Does This Disease Grow?

Catering, hormones and changes in the weather, lack of sleep and mental stress increase migraine. The different reasons for different people can be different. It is important to first know the reason for its treatment.

What is the Treatment of Migraine?

Doctors detect migraine and other headaches on the basis of symptoms and tests of the patient. Headache is a clinical treatment.

How are Children Different from Migraine?

Migraines are not often detected in children and newborns. Headache from migraine is less painful in childhood but there may be other symptoms such as vomiting, abdominal pain, or dizziness due to unclear reasons. Before migraine begins, children may not feel hungry, irritability, frequent urination, laziness, and changes in mood.

Which Headache is Serious?

For the first time in life, there may be severe symptoms such as fever with severe headaches, weight loss, weakness in the hands and feet, or unconsciousness. Such patients should immediately seek expert advice.