3 Ways to Make Pigeon Yoga Pose Feel Better

3 Ways to Make Pigeon Yoga Pose Feel Better

Do you try different yoga poses, but it seems like your body does not get in shape successfully? If so, then you need to bring some amendments in your poses and improve yourself to fit in the currency.

Pigeon Yoga
Pigeon Yoga

Pigeon currency is an excellent hip opener exercise that you should feel good about. But, if you feel strange about it, then you can feel the magic with some modifications. You can try the passive difference of this one-legged King Pigeon Pose, which is also known as Ica Pada Rajkopotsana or Just Pigeon Pose. It may seem like a complex currency to practice, this is the reason why some people find it difficult to execute it properly.

It is weird, completely asymmetric and feels unnatural. However, there is always a way to ease the pose. This feature lies in bringing some changes, to do it seamlessly.

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Here are three ideas to help you go along with the pigeon pose:

Idea One: Jade Slit

Technically, you can not call it a dove currency, but it is an excellent solution for those practitioners who feel extremely uncomfortable and are prohibited in this currency. If you feel that while trying to get the standard feet your floor has been suspended or the pain in the area where it should not be, then it is the correct change to try it.

Sit comfortably while bringing your left knee closer to 90 degrees. Try to get the external rotation to rotate the outer body. If you can not take your leg more than an inch then it’s fine. For the full posture, you have to move your right foot directly backwards. Here, you need to obliterate your right leg 90 degrees. This currency causes the hip to open, but without any unbalanced work or pressure in the left knee.

When in this posture, you can stand or try to lean forward. You can press the back of the hip to rotate the forward hip and turn it around. As soon as you feel more comfortable maintaining this posture, you can focus on working on straightening the back leg and pushing the hips forward.

Idea Two: Use a Proposal

You need this change between the Z slit and the complete dove currency. Well, whenever you feel that this currency is not for you, then try this amendment. If you feel that your hips are not comfortable enough to lie on the floor, it would be better if you make some effort to increase the floor using blankets, pillows or bolsters or any such prop. While using this prop, you should ensure that your feet are well supported to prevent unnecessary pressure from your joints until the knee bumps.

Keeping the toe below and keeping your hips square, put the foot or left foot behind you in the floor. This amendment allows you to relax in this posture and maintain balance with your hands and earn all the allowances without catching your body from the ground. Fold the front with a pillow or prop and fold it back.

Idea Three: Use a Leash

As soon as you keep your front foot on pillow or suitable prop, you will feel comfortable and confident in maintaining this mudra. Besides, you can try the next revision. You can certainly do this.

Be able to support your hip and front knee without earning your back, but surely you can bring some flares in this posture using a strap around your back leg to build a light dam. It is in fact to stimulate the hip flexors and quads without having to discuss the structure of other body parts involved in the pose.