Beware of Outside Eating-Know Where You are Eating!

Beware of Outside Eating-Know Where You are Eating!

Now, I was talking that I was discussing with my friend about HIV-AIDS. While misusing Kono, he narrated an incident which happened almost a decade ago.

Beware of Outside Eating-Know Where You are Eating!
Beware of Outside Eating-Know Where You are Eating!

The incident went something like this. There was a Panipuri boy who used to actually serve good water supply in Banjara Hills. One day he cut his hand, which he was not worried to cover or treat, and obviously he could not stop the service of a cut off panipuri, so he continued with open wounds. And, a month later a person was found to be positive for HIV. So, a trace was finally done to find out how it got the disease and it was found that Panipuri was the reason. On that day 80-85 people who had panipuri in the stall of that man, found positive for HIV. This incident attracted a lot of media attention but I did not find any details on the net.

Whether this incident is true or not, have raised so many questions in my mind. I am a person who likes to junk and all the way down the road. I try to stop my junk food cravings but Chit and Panipuri are my love and I can not leave them completely. Now, I do not know how many of you will agree with me but I always get road side items to be more tasty than things available in Posh Restaurant. Well, it can also be psychological. But, whatever the case, I wanted to warn myself to eat everyone out because food could be obscure. Even the cutlery is enough to transmit viruses and bacteria from one person to another.

I know that this post will affect my maximum week. Quitting out of eating habits is not easy. Therefore, I will only list some suggestions that can help you maintain the decent level of civilization.

  • Avoid using cutlery in places where you can. Roadside stalls, sweet shops, small local restaurants and Dhabas are going on the roadside where you can easily avoid cutlery.
  • When the plates are placed in front of you, erase them once with the tissue.
  • Where you are suspicious about water quality, order a bottle of mineral water or better yet, take your own bottle.
  • Check the bottle seal of mineral water and always order cold and other drink bottles.
  • Do not worry about the quality of water used in the cooking coke temperature, destroys many bacteria.
  • Always wash your hands before eating. Would also like to work for washing a small hand washable or a cheap face. Anti-bacterial soaps are not as effective.
  • Try to choose a clean place where self service is allowed.
  • Avoid anything provided in the new newspaper wrap (chat and other things on the road).
  • If you are really interested in eating them, then take your own Tiffin box and ask them to put the item in your box. There are many germs in the newspapers
  • Similarly, do not keep your hand in your mouth after handling cash. Cash notes change a lot of hands, so always avoid cash handling before eating.
  • When using public transport you can wear gloves to keep your hands clean.

These are some precautions that can be taken to avoid unnecessary illnesses. And, I am not just talking about AIDS, Hepatitis and TB but it is also talking about cold and cough and other unnecessary complications.