Recipe for Lip Balm with Sunscreen Factor {DIY}

Recipe for Lip Balm with Sunscreen Factor {DIY}

Lip Balm is very important to take care of the lips. As soon as you use lotions or moisturizers for body and cold cream for the face, you also need to moisturize the lips. Today, I am posting a recipe for lip balm with sunscreen properties.

Recipe for Lip Balm with Sunscreen Factor {DIY}
Recipe for Lip Balm with Sunscreen Factor {DIY}


– Vaseline / Petroleum Jelly / Bee / Sheila Butter / Cocoa Butter (can also be used in combination)

– coconut oil

– Sesame oil

– 2 Vitamin E capsules

– Almond oil

– essential oil

– grated chocolate / honey


  • Melt a vanilla / petroleum jelly / bee / shea butter / cocoa butter in a double broiler (insert a pan inside a pan). Butter or wax will melt and will become liquid. At this point, remove the heat. The current heat will be enough to make balm. (I used 25 ml Vaseline Jars, so the measurements are according to that quantity. Separate them according to the amount you are using.)
  • Insert 20 drops of sesame oil and 10 drops of coconut oil. Sesame oil and coconut oil have sunscreen properties. Sesame oil blocks 60% UV and coconut oil blocks 20% UV.
  • Put 5 drops of almond oil. Almond oil softens and moisturizes your lips for a long time.
  • Remove the container completely from the broiler or heat.
  • Cut two capsules of Vitamin E and empty the material in the container.
  • Wait for three minutes (do not allow it to be very solid, just wait for it to cool) and add 5 drops of your favorite essential oil.
  • Stir all the ingredients together. This will start to be solid in the matter of 5 minutes. Leave the mixture for one hour to make the concrete properly and then take it out in a small glass jar and store it.
  • Do not use food flavor because they disturb the skin and cause dryness.
  • If your balm becomes very soft, add slightly more winesil / butter and if it is very difficult, add almond oil more.


  • For chocolate flavored lip balm, melt chocolate in a broiler with butter or jelly. Remove from heat and add oil. Mix all ingredients and make your chocolate flavored lips balm.
  • You can put one teaspoon honey of honey in a mixture for a bright and sweet aromatic balm.

Note: Vaseline (petroleum jelly) is not good for the skin because it blocks holes. Instead try to use Sheila Butter, Cocoa Butter or Bee.