Anti Aging Serum Varnya {Product Review}

Anti Aging Serum Varnya {Product Review}

I know people have not heard of it and this is not a brand. Now, of course, I have said this often and that I like face oil and it does not make any difference in trying. So, do you remember my review of the leprosy? This product has been developed by Vernia, the same woman, Leon. Before discussing your experience with the product, it is a link to the website. I give you a brief introduction to the product.

Anti Aging Serum Varnya
Anti Aging Serum Varnya

About Varnya

The name of the product is so amazing that it tries you. Charity is a Sanskrit word meaning light color. This anti-elderly serum provides benefits for your skin – reduces fine lines and wrinkles, also reduces skin tone, damages due to UV rays, repair acne, skin Strucks, throws age spots and defects, moisturizes and softens your skin and strengthens doses, holes and brightens a dull and swallow color. I know that it sounds great to be true but wait until you hear my experience. You can read about the content here. It is fully organic and natural preparation by using vegetable and cold pressed oils.

Now, one interesting thing about this product is that you can make it custom. Well, Leon will send you a questionnaire in which you can discuss your skin type, allergy, you may have, any skin diseases or disorders, your pregnancy status or nursing issues, and based on your answers Can create products. Now, why such questions are important. Serum contains some essential oils which are not given priority when pregnant or if you are suffering from hormonal imbalances or are allergic, you can negotiate negatively. So, I would say that this is the best service any customer can get from the manufacturer directly. Apart from this, Leone has been testing this product for a year, so it is not the only product to make money.

My Experience with Varnya

Now, I would love to discuss my experience with the product. I met Vernya around the same month a month ago. Therefore, I have been using this product for a month without any month, except for 2-3 days apart. So, let’s start how much he fulfills his claims.

  • Claim 1: Reduces fine lines and wrinkles: I do not bow down to your lower fine lines beneath my eyes but I will definitely say that my neckline is clearly less important and the change is only so subtle Not there. Regarding the fine lines under the eyes, I would say that I am not sleeping properly, so I can not blame serum for not doing a job.
  • Claim 2: Even out of skin tone: Yes, this skin tone is actually well out even outside. My forehead was very deep in the shadow than my forehead and chin which was always a problem for me. I tried a lot of things but nothing worked. Now, my forehead and cheeks are less or less of the same shade.
  • Claim 3: Repair of damage due to UV rays: I have a skin which is very weak in contact with the sun. The minute I get out of the sun, my skin really changes color. When I was a child then I had sun allergy. My face was very bad and my neck was too much. When seen as a unit attached to my shoulders, my neck looks very dark. Well, as you’ve guessed, my skin has changed its color. And, of course, I have been told that I have become fair, which means that my tone is all over.
  • Claim 4: Repair Acne: When I was writing this review, it was a very interesting thing to do. My skin is not acne prone or break-out prone but yes, sometimes, I also get chickens and accessories. So, after the recent November acne attack (an experience which I have not shared with you yet), I did not get a breakout. Therefore, I could not test this serum how well it behaves on that claim. But, by the end of the evening, I feel very angry red with a brush breakout on my neck. Therefore, I decided to rest this review for two to three days and test Varna at breakout. I put Varna on my face and neck at night and sleeps. And, the voice !! In the morning, I found that breakout had decreased by almost 60% and this treatment appears to be. So, one more plus for the other! Varan had to give another credit that he cured acne scars on my forehead to a great extent.

Update about Breakout: It has gone completely without leaving a mark or anything at the end of the day.

  • Claim 5: weakens the skin: my skin is not bad or loose. It is still in its stardom and looks very good. But, nevertheless, I could see a difference in Varna, made in the elasticity of my skin. After applying Varnya, you can see that the skin is quite hard and firm.
  • Claim 6: Feed age stains and defects: Yes, this defect gets worse. I do not have age spots but on my neck there are some patches of dark skin (type of defects) which have been reduced to a great extent.