Are You Looking for Hair Dresser?

Are You Looking for Hair Dresser?

So, this is a different post and before I go ahead with it, I am not supporting or criticizing those brands or places I will talk about. Nobody is paying me to write this. I am writing everything on the basis of my personal experience and it may be different from yours, so please bear with me.

Are You Looking for Hair Dresser?
Are You Looking for Hair Dresser?

Therefore, in addition to my disclaimer, I want to say that this post is for those who are looking for good hair stylists or hair dressers in Hyderabad. If you have anybody already, you are lucky but if you feel that you need someone better, then go ahead and read the post.

Therefore, I have been thinking of having a good haircut for a long time and since this is my friend’s engagement in a week, I still need to go today. I have only two regular hairstyles changes so far and I have tried some saloons like Naturals, Lekme and La Belle. To fulfill my experience, I was not very satisfied here. So, this time, I asked one of my friends for any one recommendation and this was an HE.

I think that looks a little lame but his mother has been going to the same parlor for the past 26 years and she advised me to go there. It has been found that it has been said that the ownership of the parlor is a Chinese woman. Now, if you do not know about this fact, then the Chinese people are especially good in beauty. Another friend of mine also recommended me another Chinese parlor, he is a fan and is regularly.

Now, let me clarify one thing. This parlor is not like high-end salon, which has become so famous these days, but like the concept of beauty parlors in the last decade. Not at home, employing some girls and using high-end equipment. If you are a person who loves high-end salons, then this is definitely not for you. Since I did not like any high gaps and I needed someone, so I decided to keep my faith in my friends and went to the parlor. Of course, I was skeptical and if I was less satisfied then I was full of brain to kill my friend.

So, I go to this parlor and ask for haircut. An old Chinese woman who is clearly the same owner that I talked about came out. I ask her how long it will take to get her haircut and she said 20 minutes. Okay, I washed my hair at home because I’m not too sure to save the level of hygiene and my pocket in the parlor and salon.

So, I sit there to cut my hair and as soon as I sit, the woman starts cutting my hair. I told him that I wanted something different from my hair and wanted the back layers. Therefore, I have naturally heavy to rotate the hair with very small amounts but there are lots of flows and a big forehead. So, my hair cut starts and in 15 minutes it was done with closing my hair and styling. I closed my eyes, I was afraid of what I could see. And see, when I open my eyes, I was like that ?

I felt a completely different look, which I had never imagined. And, believe me, hair cut is amazing. It looks huge and full of my hair and covers my forehead properly. I look small, my hair is watching a wow that has not happened till today. Since I went out of there, I could not stop smiling seeing myself. I had to pay the price of 350 rupees which was fine.

So, I wanted to share my experience and wanted to recommend a parlor to anyone looking for a good hairdresser. This is only for people living in Hyderabad. The name of the parlor is Blue Haven. There are two branches in it – one Banjara Hills (opposite to the Banjara of Ouri) and elsewhere in Secunderabad.

Now, there is a catch in this whole thing. To cut hair you need to catch the boss. I was lucky that I landed with him. It is generally not available or does not provide the services itself. Therefore, if you plan to go, make an appointment to ask the owner. The phone number of Banjara branch is 040-23370455. So, guys, once again, I am not supporting, but I am recommending to like something.