Patanjali Divya Dant Manjan {Product Review}

Patanjali Divya Dant Manjan {Product Review}

Okay, so this may be the most awkward review you ever read. I feel very embarrassed to write this, I mean, let’s, who uses dental masood nowadays. My guess would be very few people But, I had to review it because it is such an effective product. So, this is one more purchase from Baba Ramdev’s collection !! I was so bored of toothpaste that I did not decide to do this. Wait till you see the content, and then you can change your mind too !!

Patanjali Divya Dant Manjan
Patanjali Divya Dant Manjan

Price: 40 INR for 100 grams

(Expiry date for 2 years)


So, what are you impressed ?? Better than fluoride and sulphates, right ? Some ingredients are very common and are often used as extracts in toothpaste, such as salt, neem, babul, mint or mint and laung or cloves. I like the promise of that reason toothpaste cos. There is a clove flavor in it. Some other famous elements are like turmeric, camphor, black salt, mint and black pepper which are all famous for their well-being. Another reason I bought this was that it was a dry powder free of any chemical. I am now trying to be more aware one day.


My experience

A bottle of 100 grams lasts for a very long time, it takes only half a teaspoon of tea for one person every day. It’s more than enough, trust me. I have used more and ruined the powder. Even when using toothpaste, I only have a small pearl shape. It keeps my teeth healthy and unnecessarily, I do not waste the product on my sink. Let me clarify this. I am not sad. I am just trying to be aware and not like the products being wasted. I enjoy taking the last bit of anything I have bought. And, I have an expense. Ask my mother !! Okay, so this bottle has a flip-top cap with a decent size hole, which does not allow excess quantity of powder from the bottle.

So, coming back to the tooth powder, you can see it in green in color. And, by mistake, I got more powder and had to use it more. There is a big disadvantage in this that I will tell you soon. Half a teaspoon is more than enough. And, brushing with it does not take much time. I just stick to the schedule of two minutes and using this powder does not make it uncomfortable. It tastes very much like cloves with mint and black pepper signals. Taste is not totally unpleasant. It cleanses the mouth completely and I am quite convinced that it fights with bacteria which effectively connects my breath, is not bad: o all the day. Powder foam does a little bit so that it does not feel all powder inside the mouth. And, after brushing it feels very fresh. Okay, while buying toothpaste, one of the most important ideas to come in, does it whiten the teeth? Well, in fact, it does not whiten the teeth but powder removes the stain on your teeth and brings back its natural color. Well, for me, it works great. An additional incentive is that it also brings back the natural color of the lips. My lips have become quite lighter because I am using it and my lips are clearly pink.

Now, coming to one of its main or perhaps only losses. It probably feels a little raw after brushing for 5 minutes. This feeling decreases with consistent use, but if you use more by mistake (which I was talking in the last paragraph), then your face will feel more rough. To combat this feeling, I drink lots of water which neutralize the effect. The reason for such a feeling can be the content list. All the ingredients used are natural so the mixture can be very powerful. I can not understand any other reason for such a general reaction.

Okay, so why am I showing you a yellow brush ??? The result of using this dental powder. Remember that turmeric is one of its ingredients, so this is the result. If you find it very gross, of course, you definitely should stay away from this product.

My recommendation

If you do not like toothpaste and do not make any difference to go from league for a while and see your brush yellow, then this is a great product.