Biotique Bio Musk Root Hair Masks {Product Reviews}

Biotique Bio Musk Root Hair Masks {Product Reviews}

I like to try hair products. So, this is my second hair mask after the devastating waste of my money on the Himalaya hair fall cream. And, thankfully, it was not destructive. Now, I think biotic starts to become a decent brand with some good products and some average products. So, I’m not able to decide how I should classify this product. So, find it for yourself.

Biotique Bio Musk Root Hair Masks
Biotique Bio Musk Root Hair Masks

Price: 199 INR for 230 grams


I threw the outer office so that I do not have a list of contents. From the site, the details of the product are as follows:

Therapeutic pack for hair tilting. An original formula. A unique combination of herbs from ancient Ayurveda that promotes hair growth. Musk Root, Beel, Alcohol and Nutmeg, which help in rejuvenating hair and leave it in a splendid position. Activates the skull and adds body to resuscitation and hair. It immerses hair and scalp in natural minerals and organic wealth and even treats the hair with a brilliant, full and alive treatment of dry and chemically.

How to use it

The product says that it should be mixed with egg or yogurt. So, I used the egg in my preparation.

In one bowl broke an egg. I use a plastic because I can throw it after some uses.

I mixed a heap spoon of hair pack in egg. The hair color is black in color and looks like a dye. But, the texture of the hair pack is not smooth. There are small granules and little things that look like things like fresh ingredients are mixed in a grinder and it also smells fresh. The pack makes very herbal scent and some people are strong enough to bother. I find it very tolerant but after mixing it with eggs or after applying on the hair does not smell, it is absolutely fine.

Mixing it well, the mixture becomes something like this. It should be applied generously on the scalp and hair. Cover with shower cap for 30 minutes. Wash with lukewarm water and shampoo.

My experience

First of all, a spoon with a pack of hair packs was not enough for a long time with very little density of shoulder hair. So, the next time I used it, I put 3 egg yolks of eggs and two spoonfuls of spoon. Therefore, for a moderate hair length, a generous application requires two eggs and two piles of hair eggs. So, how did I get a hair pack ??

Well, if you try to apply it directly from the tub, then let me tell you that this is not possible. You have to mix it with something and only then you can apply it. Therefore, eggs and curd are the best choices but you can also include other FAV ingredients of your choice, including essential oils and all. So, this is not a perfectly prepared hair pack. You have to spend a little time in preparing it. But, if you are coloring your hair, then I will not advise you to mix with henna, you need to shampoo hair after using this hair pack. So, after preparing it, split your hair and skull the fragments as it is a little kidney and does not apply easily as the use of eggs only. Be very generous with the application because otherwise you will not see most results. I did this and saw the difference, so this is a little advice from me. Covering your hair with a shower cap or adhesive film is a complete requirement, otherwise one may have to dry for hair and it is difficult to get rid of the hair pack during washing. Well, I did. And, using a shower cap certainly results in better results as it detects heat and increases the absorption of hair packs. Do not keep it for more than half an hour and in no case should never be more than an hour. To keep it longer, your hair does not have to give more nutrients or anything. So, after crossing the half-hour mark, it is better to be ready for a bath and to enter it in the app.

Now, washing the pack of hair will cause lots of disturbances on the bathroom floor and the hair pack will not completely leave your hair. So, be gentle and patient when removing the hair pack. Use hot water (neither cold nor warm or hot) and patiently remove as much hair pack as possible. You still get lots of granule in your hair. Do not worry about them. Use a light shampoo and shampoo your hair thoroughly. When you shampoo your hair, the granulele will go away. There is no need for the situation after using this hair pack but if you still want, you can. But, remember, do not use too much shampoo or conditioner. It may be necessary to shampoo your hair twice to get rid of the hair pack. To make sure that it is completely clean, rinse your hair well. And, air dry your hair. Do not fly dry.

Now, for the results. Remember to be generous with the hair pack and you will get great results. When I was generous with the pack, I found a beautiful shiny and bouncy hair.