Patanjali Ojas Multinini Mitti Soap {Product Review}

Patanjali Ojas Multinini Mitti Soap {Product Review}

I am not a big fan of soap, but then I do not care much about washing my body. Whatever I catch my eye, I use it and do not raise it again. But, this soap was undoubtedly one of the remarkable people. Well, I never used the soap and it worries me that coz multani mitti is soft enough to be used daily as exfoliant.

Patanjali Ojas Multani Mitti Soap
Patanjali Ojas Multani Mitti Soap

Before starting with the review, I want to present Patanjali to all those who are not aware. It is a brand launched by Baba Ramdev and sells all Ayurvedic concoctions and products. He has recently entered cosmetics where you can find many interesting products. For a list of products, see your website. Apart from this, these products are available only in Patanjali shops which are open almost everywhere, so keep an eye on the surrounding areas. They also have an online shopping point mentioned in their website.


An impressive list of content. I am not sure whether you can read all the ingredients, so I will tell the most important ingredient aloevera, brahmi, neem, manjishtha, tulsi, bhringraj, liquorice and reetha – whom I know from the list. The original material of soap is believed to be the basis of oil, multani Mitti, zinc oxide and jasmine fragrances or aromas.

Zinc oxide is an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory with having a broad spectrum sunblock agent. This is particularly useful for people with swelling skin.

Alcohol helps in the light of the skin but is also useful for the treatment of dry skin and eczema, psoriasis and such skin conditions.

Majitha is another swelling that cleans up the skin and it dries up.

My experience

I liked soap because it does not dry the skin like others. In fact there is multinini soil. Soap is long otherwise I click it. It is very light, dirty in color (just like mulinti soil) and it has a very strong jasmine smell which grows a notch in the bath which I really do not like but can tolerate. Multani Mitti exteriority of soil is exfoliating and very soft on the skin. Soap gives a very clean feeling after bath and leaves any residue behind which there are some soaps (I do not like residues, so this is a plus for me!).

Once when I accidentally dropped soap in my bucket which was filled with very hot water then soap remained in the water for about 5-7 minutes. When I finished my bath, I brought soap. It was completely soft and there was nothing except multani Mitti in my hand. My fingers indented the soap and its shape completely changed. However, after a few hours, the soap confirmed again, but clearly in a very strange shape that was very ergonomic for me, so according to me, it is a good soap to be purchased.

A single bar will last me for four and a half months, so it does not dissolve in water.

My recommendation

A good alternative to commercial soaps is more cheap and if you compare it with high end soap, then it works better.