Unnecessarily Do Not Harassing Your Skin

Unnecessarily Do Not Harassing Your Skin

I have started a series of bad habits that we do not know deliberately, but in December our skin is extremely harmful. So, continuing in that vein is to eliminate today’s bad habit – picking or poking or unnecessarily harassing your skin.

Unnecessarily Do Not Harassing Your Skin
Unnecessarily Do Not Harassing Your Skin

Yes, I am suffering from this very bad habit and I am responsible for college. In my college, I have 1 or 2 terrible hair on my chin, whose friends have made fun and I used to get them out of my nails.

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It’s a very harmful habit as I have found out. There are so many effects in it that I will discuss with you in a little while. I have seen some other people who are addicted to this habit.

Skin effect

So, if you choose it or throw it then what happens to the skin?

Well, for one, your skin sags in those areas Yes, it will let you look old.

Secondly, due to blood clotting under your skin, defects and dark spots are direct consequences and it takes considerable time to repair it.

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Third, when you choose your skin using your nails, then you are harming the nails in the process. They become brittle, dry and unwelcome. So, another encouragement to stay away from this habit.

The worst bad out of all the results is the breakout. Oh yes, it has happened to me and I am currently dealing with the situation. It is not very beautiful, trust me. Whenever you choose your skin for any reason, the cells below the skin are upset and if you are really insensitive with your skin, then it can trigger and swelling.

This can be easily done when you are walking through face hair or eyebrows and feathers. The result of this inflammation can be the worst form of acne – the bubble is full of pus, which you can not use any thing.

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So, stop this habit now. Your skin will thank you. Either learn to be with your skin because it is something but do not take it on your skin. Just stop touching your fingers with your fingers as it is known that the bacteria will sit on the face with fingers.

Now, I will not discuss in detail that I have been trying for a long time to get rid of this habit but I have not been able to do so yet. But, strict self-control appears to be the light of day. Habits die but it is said that if you can get used to 21 days, then it becomes habit. So, control yourself for 21 days and you will live !!