Chocolate Anti Aging Mask {DIY}

Chocolate Anti Aging Mask {DIY}

It has been for so many days because I have a beauty tip. So, today, just to bother myself, I made a chocolate mask.

Chocolate Anti Aging Mask {DIY}
Chocolate Anti Aging Mask {DIY}

Material –

  • Cocoa powder
  • Fresh sugarcane juice

Yes!! There are only two things and the sugarcane juice is very easy because the summer season is coming and you will have many hawkers to apply the stalls of sugarcane juice.

Cocoa powder is a wonderful moisturizing ingredient because you all know very well. There are also anti-elderly and anti-oxidant properties.

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And, fresh sugarcane juice contains glycolic acid, which is one of the very important alpha hydroxy acid for the skin. It firms your skin, removes dead skin cells, likes skin anything, reduces pigmentation on regular use, and has amazing anti-elderly properties.

Result: A very soft skin which immediately shines. If you have normal skin then you may not need moisturizer, otherwise if you have dry skin then follow a little moisturizer or your favorite oil. Even the combination skin and oil skin can also benefit from this mask because Glycolic Acid is very good for controlling skin oil production, so you do not have to worry about the mask being overwhelming.

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One thing about this mask is that it mixes with honey, dried in contrast to the chocolate. And, when you’re removing it, it comes very easily so try it and post your thoughts

After masking, the best results are seen in the next morning. So, apply this mask at night and sleep your regular deep beauty. And, the voice, your face will be shining the next morning