Should We Use Deodorants? {Beauty Products}

Should We Use Deodorants? {Beauty Products}

Today, I am going to tell you why deodorants and antiperspirants are harmful for the body. Deodorants are a chemical formulation, which reduces body odor by killing bacteria responsible for causing odor, which is applied to the body. Where antiperspirants can apply to the underarms, deodorants can be applied on the whole body.


Why do we need deodorants?

I do not want to give science lectures, but it is important to understand how the odor of the body is.

The skin produces sweat which is basically odorless unless it is blocked from the bacteria. Bacteria are produced in hot and humid areas, and underarms is one of the hot parts of the human body. Sweat glands produce moisture to reduce body temperature. But, when it is washed with excessive alkaline soap, then the pH of the skin increases and becomes alkaline, which is the right environment for the growth of bacteria. The bacteria feeds on sweat, and dead hair and skin cells, and produces a chemical waste which is the main cause of body odor.

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What are the deodorants making?

Now, we have understood why it is important for deodorants, it is important to be aware of the components or chemical composition of deodorants.

Deodorants are mainly made of alcohol because it kills bacteria. It is combined with other compounds such as Tricolsan or metal compounds to slow down bacterial growth. There are perfumes or aromas that mask the body odor. It is also added with antiperspirant compounds which reduce the sweat of aluminum chloride or other aluminum compounds. Parabens are used as patrons.

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Effects of ingredients on the body

We have already discussed the harmful effects of alcohol, Tricolsan, toluene, propylene glycol and Parabens. Please read them here. They are all common ingredients used in antiperspirants or deodorants. Here, I am mentioning about the other components not mentioned earlier.

Aluminum is highly toxic for the body especially in the large dose of the nervous system. There should be a link between Alzheimer’s disease and aluminum toxicity. The components of antiperspirants become absorbed in the blood stream, and in particular parts of your body, brain and breast tissue can accumulate and affect the respiratory system.

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The talc is considered an agent due to cancer.

Silica bothers the skin and can cause crystalline quartz which causes cancer.

Steareth-n  (can be any number like saying N100) Cancer is reacted with agents.

Word of caution: Many people may be allergic to aluminum and its compounds. The herbs listed in the list do not mean they are natural. There can be parabens in them.