Strawberry Hair Masks for Oily Hair

Strawberry Hair Masks for Oily Hair

Well, the maintenance of oily hair is exactly the opposite of dry hair care. So, we need components that can absorb oil and balance the production of soybees in the skull.

Strawberry Hair Masks
Strawberry Hair Masks

For one, I have written about using the clay mask as a hair mask. They work wonderfully. The home remedies that I want to share today will not only control the oil in your hair, but also make your hair shiny and shiny.


– 5 strawberries


You can blend strawberries in blender until they become formed by the combination of water. Take a little bit of pulp and start putting it on the skull and massage it slowly. Cover the entire scalp part by the part. Then, take your hair in a section and immerse it in the blended strawberry pulp and cover the hair body well. Leave it for 30 minutes to 1 hour on your hair or until it gets dry (it will take a long time to dry it). Do not go to the sun. Due to the consistency of water the liquid drops too much. To avoid this problem, you can gently brush your hair before putting strawberry mask in your hair. This will remove the excess of the liquid. You can use this liquid as a rinse hair. After the scheduled time, you can simply wash your hair with cold water. Acid in the fruit will clean your hair. Masks will not stink from your hair.


You can mix strawberries with honey for dry hair.

– You can also include lemon juice with strawberries.

– You can also include lemon juice with the strawberries. That will take care of the dandruff also.