Masoor Dal Body Scrub

Masoor Dal Body Scrub {DIY}

The pulses in our kitchen prove good scrub. Earlier, I talked about ‘mung dal’. Today, I will talk about ‘masoor dal’ (red lentils). Ground red dal is a very good scrub for the body.

Masoor Dal Body Scrub
Masoor Dal Body Scrub

How to create a scrub?

Grind lentil pulse into a fine powder and separate the fine powder and impurities from a vessel with small holes (punched pot). Store fine powder in an air-tight container and use it occasionally. If you find that the texture of powder is very hard for your skin, you can mix it with cornflour or gram flour (gram flour).

Using scrubs

  • Mix it with honey or milk and use it as a body scrub while in the shower.
  • Use oily and combination skin twice a week as a face scrub and make it normal for a dry skin once.
  • Option: If you do not want to store it as a scrub, you can soak a cup of red lentils in soaked milk or water overnight and make a paste in the morning and use it as a scrub or face pack. Are. You can also add the soaked nuts skin overnight. This will make your skin glow like before.
  • You can also mix powder with pure ghee (made at home) and use it as a scrub. The pure ghee reduces the hardness of the scrub on your skin as well as acts as lubricants and nourishes it with the necessary fat to make the skin beautiful.
  • You can also mix other ingredients like basil leaves, rose petals or orange peels and make scrubs a refreshing scrub. If they are used differently, they will provide a different smell.

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