What Should You Know about Sunscreens?

What Should You Know about Sunscreens?

Referring to my earlier post on sunscreen for anti-aging skin care, I would like to add my recent personal experiences.


In the above post, I talked about physical sunscreen better than chemical sunscreen because there are various harmful chemicals present in them.

Where I forgot to include information. Chemicals (chemical or even micronutrient and zinc oxide and titanium dioxide present in sunscreen, for this matter) are absorbed by our skin and they are stored in our bodies and produce free radicals Increase aging in So, unlike popular belief, sunscreen does not stop aging.

But, they protect you from harmful sun rays, which can make your skin black and black spots or patches and even skin cancers.

Talking about safety from the sun, I have tried some 3-4 herbal, physical or natural sunscreens so far and I believe, they did not provide proper protection against the sun.

So, I finally had to go back to the chemical sunscreen. And, for some time, I am quite impressed with these sunscreens because they treat my skin very well. And, about the free radical generation within the body, I am taking care of it through my nutritional needs.

Drink green tea, eat plenty of fruits (especially vitamin C rich), anti-oxidants provide a lot that can fight with free radicals. Therefore, I would advise you to take care of your skin problems inside and outside.

And, sometimes, being natural is not an option. Before I forget, I will repeat it here again: Eat lots of tomatoes and spinach (all green leafy vegetables) to increase the resistance of your skin to the sun’s rays.

Finally a note: I have tried over-the-counter products available on shops and prescription-based products and have found that the dermatologist determined sunscreen is very effective.

Therefore, I would advise all of you to go to a good dermatologist and get yourself a good sunscreen. Please choose your dermatologist very carefully.