Home Remedy for Pimples

Home Remedy for Pimples

Since I have warned you about the risks of using mustard oil on the skin, so we can go ahead with a beauty mask with mustard oil.

Home Remedy for Pimples
Home Remedy for Pimples

For the treatment of white spots on skin, mustard oil is considered to be beneficial for pimples and good. Therefore, if you are one of the victims, you can try it.


– 1 table spoon mustard oil

– 2 tablespoon curd

– 1/2 table spoon turmeric (chopped porridge floor better than cooking variety)


Mix all the ingredients to make a coherent paste and give special attention to the pimples and white spots on the face. White patches can be anywhere on the body so you can put this mask anywhere. Leave it for drying (which may take a bit more time) and remove it by using gentle circular motion to remove the mask.

You can also massage the body with this mask because it is good to improve skin tone. The mask is also good to light any kind of spots or scars.

Caution: Perform a patch test before using. Apply a small part of this mask to the inner elbow and let it dry. Wash as usual and wait 24 hours. If your skin does not respond to the mask, then you can safely use this mask on your body.

My experience with masks:

Therefore, when I read the anti-pimple mask of mustard oil, then I decided to give it a try, although I do not have any pimples. I minus the curd mask. And, obviously, I did not like the mask. My skin did not respond to the oil, but mustard oil left a yellow color on my face and after washing the mask, made a very smooth film, which is not moisturizing but rather disturbed. It gave a glow on my face but I think I can do without this mask. Therefore, my advice to the readers is that if you want to try it, then remember that I have warned you and I want you to be the best judge for you.

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