Himalaya Protein Conditioner Softness and Shine-Product Review

Himalaya Protein Conditioner Softness and Shine-Product Review

I had reviewed the protein shampoo about a week ago. I was not very impressed with shampoo, but I told that the conditioner removed all the roughness of my hair.

Himalaya Protein Conditioner
Himalaya Protein Conditioner

Price: 100 ml (approx.) For 70-80 INR


Major ingredients: China Rose and Lotus (Hair Conditioner), Chickpeas and Oats (Proteins)

My Experience

I’m not going to believe that shampoos and conditioners should be related to the same product category.

I use the conditioner which I like and the shampoo often leaves for those I do not like.

Therefore, if someone can recommend me a good shampoo which is SLS free, then I would be very grateful.

Therefore, returning to the review, I used this conditioner with both my product range and pantine shampoo. And, both times, the result was good. My hair felt soft and glowing and it was all confused.

But, I realize that this conditioner is normal for dry hair only. Oily hair becomes stale because the conditioner is slightly heavy.

There is only one problem with the conditioner. Actually, this is a problem with all the conditioners of the Himalayas. They are really sticky and need water for washing them.

And, this is a very big problem, not only in terms of environment but also in terms of time and patience.

But, I will also mention that this conditioner is easily washed away by the Himalaya’s conditioners, so I think they are trying to make a better product.

Okay, a very big problem with the conditioner is that you have to struggle a lot to get it out of the bottle.

It is a thick conditioner and does not even come out when I am pressing the entire bottle, so I have to take out the upper cap frequently and then put the bottle on my palm and squeeze it, and all kinds of stuff to remove it.

Now, what I have just seen is that the conditioner makes the hair slightly oily on the second day. I have dry hair but sometimes it is hydrated and very soft.

This made my hair specially healthy after using the last piece of lush kaka noor due to cocoa butter treatment. Therefore, if you keep healthy and fine hair, then avoid this shampoo.

This will make it lame but it will actually be suitable for dry and curly hair. It also helps to curl a lot to curly hairy girls.

My Recommendation

Yes, it is a good conditioner that makes the hair soft and makes them shine.