Franc Essential Exfoliate & Serum-Product Review

Franc Essential Exfoliate & Serum-Product Review

Why did I club these two and those two in the first post? The simple reason, I loved these samples, I loved these samples.

Franc Essential Exfoliate
Franc Essential Exfoliate

The problem with the earlier samples was that they are products that you need to constantly judge them to use, such as in the case of exfoliate, this is a scrub that I have used twice on face and it I have liked it (still left for 1-2 more uses)) and in the case of serum, I have been using it for a week and there is something left (probably for another week Could stay).

Therefore, I have used enough of these two products to say that they are really worth it.

Frank Essential Exfoliate



My Experience

This scrub is a creamy scrub that has a good bamboo in the form of scrub granules. Okay, to think, it looks very harsh coz bamboo wood, right. And, obviously, when you use it, it feels like this.

But, the scrub is really gentle and can be used on the face of no worries.

I have a combination skin but I can use it without any breakout or anything. And, the result is really soft skin which was not the result of other general scrubs available in the market.

And, the face does not feel dry or stretch and no product is left on the face. And, while using this scrub, it gives more mass to the face.

Overall, my experience with this small sample was amazing and I became so much loved by it that I did not feel like it can be wasted using it with my own hands.

France essential serum



My Experience

It is almost like an oil but is absorbed in the skin very easily and very quickly. As content you can see all the oils are there.

The color of this serum is light orange and it sounds really strange but there is a sweet sign in it. You can find out very easily that it is a combination of many things and it’s amazing.

I have been using it every night for a week. Now, my first impression was that serum would be something that would be a prison in texture, so when I opened the sample, very serum came into my hands. Of course, I could not put it back in the sample coz, it was just leakage, so I used all the serum on my face and neck.

Obviously, my face became very oily, I could probably use such a volume of serum (which fell in my hand) for a week to 10 days, but my face was not much with serum or moisturizer Out.

You only need 3-5 drops per application and I apply serum only as a revitalizing treatment before the moisturizer is applied at night (serum is applied before the moisturizer because it is usually hydrating treatment and it contains Anti-aging effect also happens).

So, my face became so soft and tight (not that I have a loose face but you can see when the face is well tone) and in the next morning really hydrated and hydrated.

At the time of removing serum I was alerted next time and I have found that the application of this serum enhances the performance of the moisturizer. And, the face is not sticky or heavy or anything like that. I would say that this is just amazing !!!

My Recommendation

Of course, you must have guessed so far that I love these two products, so I would definitely advise them.

Please go to France’s required website and check prices and their product line.

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