Himalaya Refreshing Fruit Pack-Product Review

Himalaya Refreshing Fruit Pack-Product Review

Okay, so this is a papaya and apple.

Price: 60 grams for 50 grams


My Experience

It smells like this but there is a slight tand like the scrub of the nut. You can certainly feel that something in the product has changed. It is creamy and spreads easily.

Himalaya Refreshing Fruit pack
Himalaya Refreshing Fruit pack

There is no problem in that. The color resembles the internal core of papaya, it dries easily in 15-20 minutes and it is not difficult to remove it with a sponge because it is not like the mask of soil which becomes stiff.

The first thing you’ll see is a fresher skin immediately. It removes skin lethargy. It is moisturizing according to me, because after removing it my skin does not feel stretched or dry (some soil masks do this).

There is mineral soil, but not in excess quantity, I think the hard mask is hard or can not feel anything.

Sometimes, you really need to check whether the entire mask has dried up. You can do this by using a clay based mask. It does not look like a tooth on the skin, but only makes it fresh.

Although it is normally for dry skin, it also worked well for my combination skin. Production of oil is adequately controlled for time, so if you are going somewhere then using it is a good mask.

My Recommendation

A good and affordable face pack.