Walking for Weight Loss

Walking for Weight Loss

In the last days losing weight with the usual habit chain, we discussed how drinking enough water can help you lose weight.

Today, I will talk about another very simple habit that will help your body improve your metabolism and as a result, it will help to burn fat more efficiently.

Walking for Weight Loss
Walking for Weight Loss

Today’s habit: walk for 20 minutes daily or stroll

Walking is one of the most effective forms of exercise without stress. And, this is one of the most effective weight loss exercises which you can do.

Provides adequate physical exercise at a distance of 20 minutes daily, which you need to burn your fat continuously. Walking improves your metabolism and daily oxygen content.

Oxygen is important for proper functioning of the organs and the more oxygen you breathe, the better the result will be.

Better metabolism helps to burn fat more efficiently and helps in easy digestion of food. If you have ever thought of exercising that will take care of every part of your body, then it is your answer to walk. You can walk anytime of the day, whatever speed you are comfortable with.

You do not have to do a ‘walking walk’ to help your body. Walking peacefully at a normal pace is enough to boost your body and if you are consistent, then you will realize that your walking speed improves day by day.

One thing to remember is that keep your seat in mind while walking. Keep your back straight and chest tight. Do not slip while walking.

Jogging in the morning is a great way to give fresh oxygen available to your body.

The morning air is pure compared to the evening. Walking in a slow wind in the morning wind will woke up all your senses and you will realize that your body has been rejuvenated. It will keep you energized throughout the day and if you stick to this habit then improve the quality of your sleep.

Do not forget to put a glass or two water before you start your walk. If you are bored by walking (which is difficult), then try to change your environment everyday.

Walk with different routes everyday. Ask a friend to go with you, take a jukebox with you or inspect the nature on your walk. You can also plan your day or ‘me time’ during your walk.

When you make a part of your routine with such participation, it will not feel as a work, but will become a habit without which you will not be able to live without it. So, now go ahead and walk and feel the difference.

One tip: Walking with soft green grass (wet with dew) in the morning with the naked feet. It is acupuncture therapy and is very good for eyes vision.

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