Lush Gorilla Perfume – Short Description-Product Reviews

Lush Gorilla Perfume – Short Description-Product Reviews

I was lush today and was very curious about the recently introduced perfume. So, I asked Tuca Tuca and Imogen Rose picks to try them. So, the sales girl made an application on one hand and on the other hand.

Lush Gorilla Perfume - Short Description-Product Reviews
Lush Gorilla Perfume – Short Description-Product Reviews

Price: Rs. 600 for Tuca Tuca and Rs. 1200 INR for Imogen Rose (approx.)

My Experience

If you suddenly rotate, you can hate these perfumes, because there is a unique raw wild smell that kills your nostrils completely. It happened with both products, although the emogan rose was less robust in notes than Tuca Tuca. And, therefore, as a result, I got out of the shop as soon as I coz I hated it and wondered who made perfume on it. I am not a fan of perfume and actually is not like a strong aroma and there is really a strong fragrance in lush. So, now, I am sitting in front of my laptop, who is writing this post about 2-3 hours after my lush journey. So, what is my final decision?

Well, I’ve been continuously putting perfumes and in the beginning, due to the wildness of the odor, it was actually a pain. But, after one or two hours, the notes of the raw and wild fragrances fall fade and smell like perfume arises.

So, Tuca Tuca is really strong but has a happy fragrance. I can not describe it but I really liked it. Okay, this fragrance is so strong that your nose will get worse in smelling something else. It actually lives for a long time so there is no worry at that point. It’s purple in color.

Imogen Rose is very soft and is not strong at all. This Damascus leaves unconscious unconsciousness of everyday. I think that this may not stay with Tuca Tuca or fragrance for so long that which comes from you, will actually be subtle. It’s a light pink color.

I washed my both hands with water and Imus left it very fast leaving the fragrance daily, but Tuca Tuca still has very strong notes.

My Recommendation

Give yourself some time to like it. This will definitely not be a quick love, but it will probably be a permanent one. I used to love Tuca Tuca, so try it and do not forget to wait for an hour or two before deciding it and I think I will definitely try Imogen Rose again and leave the other two. I tried sticks but next time I would probably go for spray. They can be slightly different in their notes.